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It gives me an immense pleasure to share my experience with the Department of Statistics. I was a M. Sc. student of this department during 1982-84. I had been lucky to have excellent teachers who created interest in the subject Statistics and developed my statistical skill. It was a nice experience and had strong association with the teachers. I would never forget this department and, therefore, I was planning to come back in the department for further study. After completion of my M.Sc(Statistics),  I started my academic carrier as a lecturer from Arts & Commerce College, Idar (where I spent five & half years). During this tenure, again, I joined as a M. Phil (Part-time) student during 1987-89. Finally, I joined as a faculty member in July 1990. Since then I have been here. My experience at department was enlightening in many respects.

Department of Statistics
Sardar Patel University

I had great learning experience of studying at Department of Statistics, Sardar Patel University, VallabhVidyanagar. It is the Department where I learnt almost all the lessons of my life. All the faculties were having good experience in their area and they were expert in knowledge. The standard of their knowledge and way to communicate with student were very good. They were giving practical examples to student wherever it was necessary to make student understand the concept.The faculties here gave a tremendous learning experience which has helped me to add a feather to my cap. As a student I am highly indebted to all my respected faculties for providing me such tremendous knowledge of the subject as well as preaching me the lessons of life which I cannot forget forever.

Suryakant Parekh
( 1997, M.Phil: 2008)
Assistant Professor,
Faculty of Business Administration,
Dharmsinh Desai University,

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1Prof.Ashok Shanubhogue,
Professor and Head,
Department of Statistics,
Sardar Patel University
Academic Incharge and
Chair Person, Department Women Cell
Department of Statistics
Sardar Patel University
Incharge of Department of Statistics Students Association
and Placement Incharge(M.Sc(Statistics))
Department of Statistics
Sardar Patel University
Phone(o) 02692-226881
Academic Incharge(MSc(QPM))
Department of Statistics,
Sardar Patel University
Vallabh Vidyanagar