Research & Development

Research & Development

Research Activities :

Sociology of Weaker Section:

Teachers are working on tribals, scheduled castes and women. The Subjects are about health, poverty, and policies.

Sociology of Gender:

Teachers are working of issues of women and discrimination.

Sociology of Migration:

Teachers are working on Causal relationship of migration.

Political Sociology:

Teachers are working on political participation of women/SC/ST in decision making process, emerging youth leadership, politics of caste and pressure groups, election and voting behavior etc.


Teachers are working on crime and criminal behavior. Like drug and human trafficking, to sexual abuse, to cyber crimes, juvenile justice, prostitution, white collar crime and corruption, etc.

Sociology of Health:

Teachers are working on Casual relationship of patient and doctors and other health issues.

Faculty members have completed several major/minor research projects with the financial   assistance by U.G.C. and other funding agencies.Students are assigned with research projects on contemporary social issues in each semester as a part of Internal assessment.

Large number of research publications brought out by faculty members.

Faculty members have provided research guidance to large numbers of M.Phil & Ph.D. Students. 


All faculty members have considerable number of Publications to their credit. Present faculty has total so Publications to its credits. All faculty members have completed several major and minor research projects financed by UGC, Delhi. Faculty members also active in research guidance and so far have successfully guided more than 50 Ph.D and 100 M.Phil students.