Academic Programmes

Courses Offered

Department offered three programmes:
  1. Two years’ regular M.A. based on modern semester (4) and CBCS
  2. 1 year regular M.Phil and
  3. Ph.D programme of two years (Full-Time) and 3 years (Part-Time) duration.
As per New curriculum prescribed by UGC under M.A. programme, 12 core papers and 12 electives papers are taught.
Core PapersElective Papers
  1. Theoretical Perspective in Sociology,
  2. Research Methods,
  3. Rural Society, Rural Change and Development in India,
  4. Sociology of Change and Development in India,
  5. Conceptualization of Indian Society and Perspective for its study
  6. Sociology of Mass Communication.
  1. Education and Society,
  2. Gender and Society,
  3. Criminology,
  4. Human Rights,
  5. Indian Diaspora,
  6. Sociology of Health,
  7. Industry and Society in India,
  8. Political Sociology and
  9. Environment and Society.

The course is also comprised of paper on Soft-Skills including ICT, Communication and Problem solving skills as well as Self-Study on village Community and literature work.

M.Phil programme is comprised of four papers such as:
  1. Research Methods and Statistical analysis in Third World Countries,
  2. Sociological Theories,
  3. Monograph Studies and
  4. Dissertation