From the Desk of the Head


Warm Greetings from the Department of Social Work!!

The present time calls forth theoretical knowledge, update information, analytic, proactive perspective, sound dedicated character and amiable personality to be successful in life and career.

Department of social work is working for the development of three pillars: student, teacher and community as a whole. By keeping this purpose in mind, the vision of the department is to excel in the field of social work education through the development and application of knowledge it. In this regard in academic program department has been working on curriculum enrichment, field work training, and community engagement opportunities to students to participate in evidence based field training with the help of national and international agencies. For curriculum enrichment department has worked on advisory committee by inviting experts from development and corporate sector. Further through community engagement practice, department had worked on ToR and MoU with development sectors. Under the banner of Human Rights Cell, Day care centre  and Extension Education department has initiated to work through outreach program by targeting children, gender and youth and thereby creating enabling environment and people centered approach. For innovative learning, teaching and quality research department has judiciously worked on seminar, training and workshop for the development of students, faculties as well as for social work and HR fraternity

Dr. S.D.Mishra