Department Profile


Late Shri Mr. Kirtibhai Patel had a flair for rural life and an inclination for the development of people in rural vicinity. He wanted a course in medium where scientific knowledge with touch of humanistic values, blended along with values, cultures and traditions lid a pathway for the development of rural society. He along with the vice chancellor (1997) of our university, the topmost personnel of Sardar Patel University made an imprint of the mission through the social worth by laying down the foundation of the Department on 5thSeptember 1997.

The Department has adopted villages on continuous basis for collaborating with NGO‟s and industries for community development and social development at large. The focus of the department has been on strengthening Social Work Research and Community extension Work. The Department of Social Work had started with an initial strength of twenty students, four faculties, two visiting faculties and two office staff. It now proudly announces the inclusion of two hundred and eighty students with nine teaching staff. The department of social work had earlier started with a degree course in Social work but it has now expanded its horizons and started with three additional courses: Masters in Human Resource Management since 2007, Masters in Philosophy in Social Work since 2009 & Doctorate in Social Work since 2006. It has always tried to enhance the zeal & competence of the faculty by encouraging them to undergo training, attend workshop, and publish good research work at national and international level. Besides, it has incorporated innovative teaching and learning practices (pedagogic) along with improving the didactic classroom teaching, in the form of supplementary field visits, guest lectures, conclaves, summit, seminars, workshop & symposium, where by stalwarts in social science and field practitioners have been invited to interact.

Vision & Mission


Excels in the field of social Work education through the development and application of knowledge towards creating people cantered Society that promote and protect dignity, Equality, social justice and human right for all .


  • To prepare social work professionals with the knowledge, values, and skills needed to initiate and sustain change and provide visionary leadership within a framework that promotes individual dignity, respect diversity, and seeks distributive justice in the Jesuit tradition.
  • To cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual discipline that facilitates faculty and student scholarship and research that contributes the knowledge base of the profession and improves societies understands of the domestic and the global systems in which people, organizations, and communities thrive.



  • To develop the studentís professional identity as a social worker reflecting the knowledge of, and commitment to, the ethics and values of social work as exhibited in their relation hip with line system, colleagues and employing organization.
  • To promote critical thinking as students learn to explore and integrate multiple sources of knowledge including evidence- based practices and practices wisdom in identifying intervention strategies.
  • To cultivates studentís abilities to critically assess the influence of diversity of client system that may include oppression, privilege or marginalization.
  • To enhance professional commitment to supporting individual and institutional efforts to achieve social and economic justice.
  • To nurture skills in the application of the principles of evidence based practices to support or revised conventional practice wisdom in the development of intervention with client system.
  • To enhance skills in identifying, analyses and changing social polices to promote micro level changes for client system.
  • To promote an informed response to professional practice in context of continuous change, attending to differences in client population and social trends with the intend to promote sustainable change.
  • To develop practice skills needed to assess and engage client system, identifying client strengths and challenges, and reach a mutual agreement on goals for intervention.
  • To prepare practitioners who are cable of identifying appropriate a intervention that enhance client systemís capabilities as well as those intervention that are required the social worker to mediate and advocate for those system.
  • Top prepare social work professional who are able to critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate interventions.

Unique Teaching Learning strategy

  • Blend of systematic didactic training and rigorous pragmatic exposure.
  • Providing attention to weak students through extra guidance and distribution of compendium.
  • Regular individual and group mentoring of students through supervisory conference.
  • Introducing mandatory project work and field work situation.
  • Introducing Summer Block Placement
  • Dissertation work supervised at every step.
  • Conducting Seminar/Workshop/Convention/Conclave.
  • Promoting documenting and presenting skill through planned assignment and group discussion.
  • Conducting rural/study/NSS Camp and study tour/orientation visit.
  • Introducing situational analysis and case study.
  • Inviting guest faculty from on field practitioner/researcher/academic scholar.

Salient Features of the Department

  • Quality improvement through faculty development that is continuous.
  • Integrated research work (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Consultancy to Government Department/ Industry/NGO
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Alumni Interaction
  • Update information of the applied aspect in the diverse field
  • Community outreach programme and social advocacy for people empowerment