Alumni Corner

Alumni Corner

The Department of Social Work, under its multitude feathers, also is working on the strengthening of its Alumnus Base. The growing of the Alumnus Base, for the advancement of the students learning as well as to bring about progress in the Alumni – Department Interaction, we have been furthering the concept of “Alumni Meet” which has its key focus areas such as:

  • Student – Alumni interaction
  • Developing and maintaining Alumni relations
  • Chalking out areas of Alumni Contribution towards Department Development

Over the years, the Department has undergone many positive & progressive transformations and we are standing tall with the nurturing that the Alumni’s have put in our Department since its inception. After all, we are about relationships – finding ways to attach our alumni to their alma maters

An Alumni Meet is thus a platform, which provides a prospect of supplementing more liaisons between the Alumnus Base and the Department keeping in mind the development of the Department and the ongoing students and as a member of the Alumni, they also have the privilege of helping shape the future of Department students.

One of the most important and logical connections for alumni is with academic affairs. After all, the greatest impact the institution has had on the alumnus is his/her academic experience while a student. The alumni association can collaborate with the institution’s continuing education department to connect alumni to credit programs, certification and training programs, or programs that simply respond to intellectual interest or curiosity.

The Alumni Meet also largely helps in contributing towards supporting the various pedagogical features of the Department such as:

  • Lending a Helping Hand in Field Work Placements and Block Placements
  • Extending their practical knowledge and skills to class room by conducting guest lectures, orientation lectures and various field visits
  • Providing help during the organizing of Study Tour and Study Camp

MSW , MHRM , MSW-HR MPhil & PhD Alumni Association – Constitution

Name: Name of the association shall be SWDAA – Social work Department Alumni Association
AIMS & Objectives

  1. To assist its members to keep in touch with SWDAA
  2. To promote and work on societal Development and Human Resources discipline development
  3. To harness resources for students activities
  4. To organize events in order to increase interaction among the members.
  5. To act as a platform where the alumni of the department can interact network and generate opportunities and resources for the development of students, alumni and faculties of the department
Membership Qualification:
  • Past student
  • Past or present faculty of Department of Social Work,

Membership Fees at post graduate level

Annual Membership Rs. 100/-
Life MembershipRs. 1000/- / $ 150 / £ 100
Membership Fees for M.Phil students
Membership fees for Ph.D StudentsRs. 1000/-

Donation: Any amount preferably above Rs. 1000/- or in kind as per the department’s requirement.

Alumni Meeting

The annual meeting of association shall take place at least once a year on first Sunday of January. Amendments or additions or deletions from this constitution shall be approved by the Management Committee. The decisions of the chairman on all matters pertaining to the conduct of meetings shall be final.

Managing Committee Constitution

:Head of the Department
:Faculty of the Department
Secretary:Faculty from Department
Joint Secretary
:Faculty from Department

Faculty from Department
:Local – 5, Within Country – 2,

Management Committee

The Management Committee shall have three members Chairman & Treasures. The head of the department will be the chairman by virtue of his / her position. The secretary and treasures will be selected unanimously from among the faculty of department. The management committee shall prepare and publish annual report of past activities and work out on future events. Broad functions of the committee shall be: Relations with students, Social Networking meetings, and organizing events.


The Department of Social work along with its regular activities is also indulged in certain innovation extra curriculum activities which become the front-runners in enriching the students know how.
The pedagogical features of the Department of Social Work are designed in a manner, which becomes the best technique for imparting the theoretical as well the practical implications of the same to the student body of both MSW and MHRM.
The role of the Alumni’s in such pedagogical activities of the Department is vital wherein they become the torchbearers in many instances.
The various roles that the Alumni’s of the Department have catered to for the upgrading of the students skills and increasing their understanding about the practical applications of the course content of MSW and MHRM are recorded below. The below mentioned record is a brief snapshot of the Alumnus Involvement for the students learning.
  • Alumni Meet
  • Classroom training via the Field Practitioner
  • Field Work Placement
  • Job Placements
  • Capacity building training program
  • Study Tour
  • Study Camp
  • HR Convention
  • Seminar/Symposium/Training
  • Field or Exposure Visits