Exposure Visit

Exposure Visit/Study Camp 2017

  1. 7th Dec to 13th Dec, 2017 - NSS Camp at Boriya and Vanskhiliya Village, Anand And NSS Regular Activities with MSW and MSW (HR) students of first Year 2016-17.
  2. 21st January, 2017 - 7th Igniting minds young India (IMYI)2017 on the theme of imagine the un imagined organized by Baroda Management association BMA at SSG Medical College auditorium Baroda

Extension Activities

Extension Activities- 2017

  1. 14th and 15th Dec 2016 - Demonetization drive at Jol and Jobanpura Village
  2. 30th and 31st Dec 2016 2nd January, 2017 - Demonetisation campaign drive 10 villages of Anand District on the theme of "Vittiya Saksharta Abhiyan (VISAKA)"
  3. 18Th to 21st January, 2017 - Students Selected as Master Trainer and undergoing for provide training “ToT for Rural Development, Panchaytiraj & GPDP at SPIPA Ahmedabad,

Field action project

Field Action Projects 2016

  1. 14th July 2016 - Field Action Project Orientation Training to MSW and MSW(HR)
  2. 11th August, 2016 - Interview of Student in Field Action Project of FDI and CRS

Seminar Workshop Training Conference

Seminar, Workshop and Training 2017

  1. 22nd August – 27th August, 2016 Public Health Research Training
  2. 23-24 August, 2016 Participated in State level Seminar of Research Methodology and Basics of Bio-statistics. Organized by Central Research Services, H.M. Patel Centre for Medical Care and Education, Sardar Patel University Vallabh Vidyanagar
  3. 30th August - Field Training –Education group
  4. Capacity Building Training Program cum Field work Orientation
  5. 6th September 2016 - NGO meet 2016 on Demystifying the role and Impact of NGOs in Societal Development” Organized by department of Social work Sardar Patel university In Collaboration with Junior Chamber association (JCI), Vallabh Vidyanagar.
  6. 17th September, 2016 HR Conclave 2016 on the theme of “The Tsunami of Change: Future Role of HR is Game changer?
  7. 21st Jan,2017 - Participated in National level Seminar on Contextualizing Social field Work Education : Concept of field work & Supervision” Organized by N.S.Patel Arts College, Anand6-7 February, 2017 UGC sponsored two days International training program in “The Drive to Thrive: Transforming Risk into Resilience Organized by Department of Social Work
  8. 27th March, 2017 - Child legislation workshop, 2017 Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 POCSO Act, 2012, Child Rights jointly organized by Department of Social Work and District Child Protection Unit (DCPU), Anand

Student Action program

  1. 30th March, 2017 - Student Exchange Program Mangalore University, Karnataka

Students Development Initiatives

The Division of Student Development is committed to creating a vital and engaged campus community that challenges and supports students to learn and develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to lead and serve in an interdependent, global society. Our approach is both holistic and inclusive. Holistic in that student growth and development is fostered intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually. Inclusive in that all members of the campus community - especially our students - are encouraged to become actively engaged in the teaching and learning process.

Department of Social Work, Sardar Patel University is taking so much of initiatives for the overall student development. We believe in the practical approach and for the same fieldwork is an integral part. Students are being sent in the field to learn the theoretical part in a practical manner. Apart from all these, during the year students are being given so much of greater flavour of academic activities wherein their learning development are being enhanced. During the year of 2015-16, different guest speakers are invited from different corporate, companies and organizations. Students of MSW and MHRM do participate in all these activities to the fullest extent. Students are also given opportunities for fieldwork training, guest lectures, HR Conclaves/ Summit, Trainings , Field work symposiums and NGO meets. Students are exposed to the fieldwork training also in each and every semester. They are also being exposed to the exposure visits. Each year students are being given opportunity for study tours. Department students participate in all academic activities. It’s being observed that students get job because of the so many academic activities as it helps students in developing their skills to the fullest extent. Students get certificates of participation. Some of the students had good number of achievements in their academics. Mr. Tirth Kharod from second semester had got the certificate of appreciation from police commissioner of Baroda for making a documentary on traffic control. Ms. Nikitha Bhatta from second semester had got certificate for swimming championship.

Students of MSW and MHRM had also participated in ANVESHAN-Student Research Convention of Sardar Patel University where in they have shown better performance by using their skills to the fullest extent possible. We, at department take utmost care and caution for student communication, student progression and student overall personality development. Department is taking so much of initiatives for student placements. too. Students can get job during their studies so that their morale can be boosted.