Feedback & Helpdesk


Feedback of M.A., Psychology Students is taken.

Students’ response is collected for improving academic environment in the Department and effectiveness of teachers on various parameters suggested by UGC.

Faculties are rated with mean of more than 3.00 on five point scale that shows the effectiveness of faculties for various aspects of teaching and building learning practices.


DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, M.A. (CBCS) 2015-16, Student Feedback on Teachers

Name of the Teacher: ____________________


Very Good



Very Poor

Knowledge base of the teacher (as perceived by you)

Communication skills (in terms of articulation and comprehensibility)

Sincerity/commitment of the teacher

Interest generated by teacher

Ability to integrate course material with environment/other issues, to provide a broader perspective

Ability to integrate content with other courses

Accessibility of the teacher in and out of the class (includes availability of the teacher to motivate further study and discussion outside class)

Ability to design quizzes/tests/assignments/ examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course

Provision of sufficient time for feedback

Overall rating


Department takes necessary action as per suggestions of students. Following is the list of various actions taken by the Department on basis of suggestions made by the students.Department will be arrange newspaper display board therefore students know how to read the daily newspapers, Department library-cum laboratory in big hall earlier it was at comport-small room. Department solved the parking problem of the students. Department maintain Notice board with latest updates, news, circular and notice. Department put Over Head Projector in all classes of M.A. Psychology Department also keep classroom and entire department clean. This department has been whitened and re-colored. Department also re-installed the electricity fittings to avoid certain problem of lightings and fan. Students also suggested arranging many co-curriculum activities at department. For the department is regularly organizing such activist, department is also sending students to participate in various co-curriculum activities organized by other departments and organization.

Successfully organized RCI sponsored national level refresher course on “Research Methodology” from 11 to 15 September 2015 for RCI registered rehabilitation professionals. Recently department organized on Three Days training programme of Group III - Teachers & Principals level of block trainees of 40 12-14 Dec-2015, Group II – Judiciaries, Administration and allied services of Central & State Govt., Group IV Medical and Para-medical Professionals, Group V Grassroot Level workers Anganwadi, CBR, Village Health workers, NGOs,Group III - Teachers & Principals, Group V Grassroot Level workers Anganwadi, CBR, Village Health workers, NGOs etc.