Department Profile

Department Profile

The post-graduate Department of Psychology, Sardar Patel University was started in1981 with a view to provide specialized training and teaching in the discipline of Psychology for students coming with rural background. It had 7 students to begin with, with Dr.J.C.Parikh as its only teacher he was appointed as a lecturer. In 1983, Dr.J.B.Patel joined as a lecturer in the Department.Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar joined this Department on 20/06/1983, he was appointed as professor and Head of the Department.  Dr. Pramod Kumar was the founding Head of the Department later on.Later on Dr. M. M. Patel joined as a lecturer in the Department on 08/07/1983 and was retired on 14/06/1991.Dr.N.R.Parmar was appointed as a lecturer in the department on 29/8/1991, and continued his services till 30/11/2004. He was relieved form the services of Sardar Patel University to join as a Principal of Nalini-Arvin & TV Patel Arts college Vallabhvidyanagar w.fe.f.1-12-2004.With the help of highly trained faculties the Department started providing specialization in Industrial/Organization and Abnormal/Clinical Psychology along with option for Dissertation at the post-graduate level. In not only that 1994, the Department introduced one year M.Phil programme in Psychology it was, the only Department in the state of Gujarat to provide such a programme in Psychology. The Department also started providing facilities for doctoral research, mainly in applied area, in the following years.The Department has remained fairly active, both academically and professionally, during this period. It has the destination of organizing successfully seminar/conferences/workshop, both at the regional and national level. In addition it has been participating different areas in organizing training and lecture programs for various agencies, like industries, co-operatives society’s different colleges and different universities of Gujarat state, & in INDIA. The Department has also carried out different academic and welfare activities under the University Exchange Programme and UGC scheme exchange programme, and welfare groups (Rotary & Lions) blood donation programme, both at local and outstation for the benefit of community. The main areas of research which were under taken by the department were of applied nature like mental health, meditation intervention, job-satisfaction, organizational health, Stress and tension reducing programme, teacher effectiveness, marriage & family life ect. At master degree, M.Phil and Ph.D.,level. 

Dr.Suresh M.Makvana joined as a lecturer in the department on 01/09/2005& now he is working as a Professor and Head of the Department, he is Alumni of this department from (M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D) 1986-‘87 to 1988-’89.

The faculties namely Dr.Promodkumar, Dr.J.C.Parikh, Dr.N.R.Parmar, Dr.L.R.Yagnik, Dr.Samir Patel and Dr.Suresh Makvana were conferred upon best research paper award by various academic bodies at difference events, like seminar, conference, workshop, and other activities. Dr.N.R.Parmar who was the recipient of two research paper award conferred upon by the Indian science congress in the year 2000 at the 87th annual session of the Indian science congress, held at Pune, secondly, the best research Paper award conferred upon by the “Hari ohm Ashram Prerit shri Bhaikaka Inter University smarak Trust in the year 2006, in Psychology, Dr.Suvera Pankaj honored by giving a Gold Medal for best research paper presentation by IPA (Indian Psychology Association) in the year of 2014, at the International conference held at Magadh University Bodh-Gaya state of BIHAR

Dr.Suresh Makvana was also a recipient of shri DADABHAI NAVROJI INTERNATIONLA CASH PRIZE given by RUWI, Muscat Sultanate of OMAN in Annual Convocation December 2010 by Chief Guest BAJAJ. Also SCOUR PRIZE given by SCOUR, JIPMI, Duhai GHAZIABAD (2008). Dr.Makvana also honored by giving a Gold Medal for best research paper by IPA (Indian Psychology Association) in the year of 2014, at the International conference held at Magadh University Bodh-Gaya state of BIHAR,

Future Plan

  • In future we wish to establish a new industrial psychological laboratory along with existing experimental lab.
  • To start new course in diploma in counseling and guidance.
  • To start remedial coaching classes for poor students.
  • In future it is planned to establish new counseling and guidance centre.
  • Psychological wellbeing centre will be opened in new established organization.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource development (PGDHRD)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Community base learning of society
  • Post Graduate Diploma in humanity base development of society and social function.