Departmental Facilities

Although the post-graduate department of Political Science has limited resources to create and maintain physical facilities, it has over the years acquired some of the basic infrastructure to support and facilitate the teaching and learning in the department.

Thus, in addition to a few electronic gadgets, the department is also maintaining a small library of its own, which houses reading material that is of direct use for the students of the department.

However, the department offers excellent research environment and supportive facilities for the aspiring scholars particularly in the area of Indian freedom Struggle, Politics in India, International Relations and Sardar Patel. Of noteworthy significance is the fact that the Department is very recently endowed with two institutions with focus on Sardar Patel, viz., the Sardar Patel Chair funded by the Government of Gujarat, and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Centre, funded by the University Grants Commission.

Learning Infrastructure:
Department has two spacious classrooms. Recently department purchased two LCD projectors. Guest talks, symposia, seminars, conferences, etc are arranged at regular intervals.
Research activities and Extra-Curricular activities are arranged.
Facilities for Faculties:
Separate cabins have been allotted to the faculty members. Personal computers with internet connections are provided to each faculty member. Intercom telephone facilities is also available in the department connected to all the offices and facility cabins.