Feedback & Helpdesk


The Institution has developed three- fold feedback mechanism which comprises of :

  1. Informal oral feedback regarding the on-goings of the institution at regular basis.
  2. Formal feedback in writing on the individual teacher educators' teaching behaviour and institutional climate.
  3. Formal feedback on institutional academic environment and infrastructural as well as administrative behaviours during Viva-Voce.

The data sought is statistically analysed for individual performance of the teacher educators and collective conducive environment of the institution. The respondents' identity is never disclosed and the analysed results are kept open for discussion cum reflection during annual review and planning meeting held at the end of the academic year. For Individual teacher educator's performance, the evaluation criteria are: content clarity, Teaching method, Guidance, evaluation and behaviour with the Students. Whereas administrative behaviours,  physical facilities, human relationship in the institution, approachability with the principal, Scope for personality and overall development are the criteria for evaluating the institutional environment. The feedback sheet and its analysis is done as per the guidelines of NAAC.

The analysis of the feedback done for the year 2013- '14 suggests that :

  • All the teacher educators including the principal are rated on the high scales as far as their richness & content, teaching method, Guidance, evaluation process and behaviour with the Students are concerned.
  • The academic environment seems educative, learning conducive and nurturing to all the respondents.
  • The physical facilities were suggested to be improved by 10% of the respondents

Thus, the feedback mechanism make the Institutional environment transparent and inter-personal relationship humane.


The constitution of various cells such as women cell and Grievance And Redressal cell, monitoring committee and one to one guidance for academic and other problems smoothens the helping mechanism. The " Homeroom" activity which is a regular feature of our institution, each student- teacher is placed under a teacher-educator for personal and academic sharing. Such dialogues paves way for systematic counseling of the problem cases.