Department Profile

History of the institution :

The Major Highlights of the institution’s history are as under:

  • M.B. Patel College of Education was established as secondary Teacher’s Training College in 1960.
  • Due to its outstanding performance in teachers’ training, the college received generous donation from Shri Maganbhai Bhikhabhai Patel College of Education.
  • Uptill now, the institution has prepared 10,750 B.Ed. Students, 1012 M.Ed. Students and 158 Ph.D. Scholars.
  • Being a constituent College of Sardar Patel University, the College enjoys status equivalent to other departments of the University
  • It is the first of its kind in Gujarat State.
  • Extension services started in 1965-66 by the Education Department, Government of India
  • Execution of an integrated B.Sc.,B.Ed. Course during 1966-70 by N.C.E.R.T. on experimental basis.
  • Upgradation of the College to function as C.T.E. (College of Teacher Education) since 1990 by MHRD to conduct in- service training programmes.
  • Hostel facility (C.T.E. Hostel) for providing accommodation to student -teachers.     

Successive Heads

The following Principals have contributed enormously in earning laureals for the College

1Shri Ishwarbhai J. Patel 01/04/1960 to 16/11/1963
2Shri R.S. Trivedi17/11/1963 to 7/06/1978
3Dr. Bhailalbhai Patel
10/07/1988 to 31/1/1989
& 25/06/1990 to 30/06/1994
Dr. Chandravadan Pathak  8/6/1978 to 9/7/1988
Dr. Isabbhai Vora 01/02/1989 to 24/6/1990
Dr. Kishorbhai M. Shah  01/07/1994 to 20/11/1997
Prof. Jayendra K. Dave 21/11/1997 to 29/05/1998
Dr. Nathabhai R. Patel 30/05/1998 to 05/03/2015
Dr A K Shah (In charge)06/03/2015 04-07-2015
Dr K S Likhiya     (In charge)  06-07-2015 till date 


Vision :

  • To help develop proficient education personnel striving for societal upliftment

Mission :

  • To help build an education system on the basis of Indian wisdom as well as contemporary world.
  • To search for excellent practices in teacher education with a view to institutionalising and spreading innovative practices.
  • To prepare competent, committed and creative teachers practicing innovative models of teaching.

Objectives :

  • To help build an education system on the basis of Indian wisdom as well as contemporary world.
  • To search for excellent practices in teacher education with a view to institutionalising and spreading innovative practices.
  • To promote creative and critical thinking in teaching learning processes.
  • To bring about desirable attitudinal changes among student teachers.
  • To develop local and global concern in student teachers.
  • To facilitate the processes that enhance among student teachers love for learning, imagination, sense of humour, individuality and creative flair.
  • To initiate the self development of prospective teachers through curricular activities and co-curricular activities.
  • To become a nodal agency to integrate governmental and non governmental efforts for excellence in education.


  • The College has received 2.16 points in NAAC peer team evaluation. Currently, The process of getting the status reaccredited has been in pipe line.
  • The College is located in the heart of the town having serene atmosphere.
  • The College has beautiful ambience with pollution  free climate.
  • The College has adequate physical infrastructure like well designed building, airy and spacious class rooms, library, laboratories, furniture and fixtures.
  • The College has shares big playground with CTE Hostel for recreational facilities
  • The faculty and the students can avail services of University Health Center for with token fees.


Having witnessed the jubilant development in the ‘ being ’of the institution by making qualitative efforts, we look for more exuberant moments towards our march towards quality in prospective years. Our futuristic planning is detailed here:

  • Upgradation and improvement in the ICT facilities and its confluence in teaching- learning processes. Creating blogs, email groups and facilitating on- line interaction for academic sharing.
  • Equipping student- teachers with sound communication skills in English through SCOPE programme.
  • Conducting Seminars/workshops for giving the students exposure to become efficient facilities.
  • Organising State/National level Seminars/Workshops/Symposia/ Conference for the teacher educators.
  • Seeking Sardar Patel University’s help for qualitative improvement of the teacher – education fraternity by providing a model.
  • Publication of Education related books and journals.