Academic Programmes

Academic Programmes

M.B. Patel College of Education runs the following Academic Programmes.

Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education is a programme that provides candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the teaching profession as confident and effective teachers. we strive to infuse our programme with a healthy combination of theory and practice.

B.Ed. is a full time course recognised by NCTE (NCTE Recognition No.WRC/5-6/15/96/3701)
The Course spreads in four  semesters under choice Based credit system (CBCS) having two years as a total duration.

Any graduate or post graduate having specialization in various school subjects, aspiring to be a teacher can register his/her name. The admission criteria and the structure are those stipulated by NCTE.

Student – teachers have the opportunity to study the philosophical, sociological & psychological  foundations of education, professional lights and responsibilities, School administration and classroom management, theories of human development and communication, planning, pedagogy and curriculum development in a unique, learning centred, interdisciplinary environment. The details of the course to be undergone in each semester is given below.

Semester Wise Details of the Course


Perspectives in Education (PE)

Curriculum And Pedagogic Studies (CPS)

Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC)
  • Childhood and Growing up (4)
  • Contemporary India and Education (4)
  • Language Across the Curriculum (2)
  • Understanding Discipline and subject cum pedagogy -1 (2)
  • Understanding Discipline and subject cum pedagogy -2 (2)
  • Reading and Reflecting On Texts (2)
  • Learning and Teaching (4)
  • Knowledge and Curriculum-Part I (2)
  • Assessment for Learning (4)
  • Pedagogy of School Subject -1 (2)
  • Pedagogy of School Subject -2(2)
  • Drama And Art in Education (2)

  • Gender, School and Society (2)
  • Knowledge and Curriculum-Part II (2)
  • Creating an Inclusive School (2)

  • Optional Course (2)*
    (Any one from the list  mentioned in Semester 4)
  • Critical Understanding of ICT (2)
  • Understanding the Self(2)

Note: The figure in brackets indicates the credit of the each paper

Classification of Lessons

Semester Total Number of LessonsCredit
1Micro 6+ Simulation 2+ Simulation 2/Stray 2+ Stray 5 (Total 15 lessons)6 (150 marks)
2Block Teaching in Upper Primary School: 5 lessons
Block Teaching in Secondary School: 5 Lessons
(Total 10 Lessons )
4 (100 Marks)
3Lessons in Internship (Total 10 Lessons )*4 (100 Marks)
4Block Teaching (Total 10 Lessons )   
Total    45 lessons
18 ( 450 marks)

Note:   Each lesson carries 10 marks
Lessons with *mark will have  to  be observed and evaluated by school teachers during internship.

List of Assignments and  Tasks:
  1. Survey of five children( Observation and interview based report)
  2. Tutorial/Survey / Seminar (related to topics covered in PE 2)
  3. Content Analysis and framing Comprehension questions 
  4. Analysis of Textbook/ Children’s Literature/ Teacher’s Handbook 
  5. Work shop on Lesson Planning  (one in each CPS 2 and CPS 3)
  6. Book Review
  7. Preparation of Instructional Material/ Unit Planning
  8. Teaching Aid  (one in each CPS 4 and CPS 5)
  9. Construction of Test Items  (one in each CPS 4 and CPS 5)
  10. Study and Analysis of NCF 2005
  11. Blue Print (Any  One from CPS 4/CPS 5)
  12. Preparation of Script
  13. Case Study
  14. Field Visit
  15. Psychological test
  16. Action Research
  17. Preparation of Teaching  Presentation using PPT 
  18. Analytical study of a film/documentary/ Famous personality
  19. Reflective Diary (To be Done in Internship)
  20. Club Formation and club related activity (To be Done in Internship)
  21. Observation of a Teacher (preferably subject related teacher)
  22. NSS Awareness Programme (To be Done in Internship)
  23. Project Work (to be done with school Students) (To be Done in Internship)
  24. Preparation of School Report (To be Done in Internship)
  25. PTA activity (To be Done in Internship)
  26. Interview of a management authority/ Principal/ Supervisor
  27. Literacy programme(To be Done in Internship)
  28. Mentoring (To be Done in Internship)
  29. Study of School Registers (To be Done in Internship)
  30. Maintenance of Log book (To be Done in Internship)
  31. Bulletin Board (To be Done in Internship)
  32. Assembly Programme (To be Done in Internship)
  33. Cultural Programme (To be Done in Internship)
  34. Maintenance of CCE of 5 students (To be Done in Internship)
  35. Preparation of  School Calendar (To be Done in Internship)
  36. Conducting Formative Assessment (To be Done in Internship)
  37. Co-curricular Activities (To be Done in Internship)
  38. Annual Lessons (one in each CPS 4 and CPS 5)  (External Evaluation)
  39. External viva cum Portfolio Evaluation ( External Evaluation)

Semester  wise  Internal  &  External  Marks

SemesterInternal  MarksExternal  Marks (Uni. Exam)Total  Marks

In-Service Teachers Training Programmes

Being upgraded as College of Teacher Education (CTE) by MHRD, GOI, the institution runs In service Teachers’ Training programmes. The programmes are financially assisted by GCERT, Gujarat. These programmes aim at :

  1. Making the In – service teachers updated about the recent trends in Education and developing their skills in line with new changes occurring in the field of education.
  2. Enabling the In – Service teachers develop Skills as innovators and material produces.
  3. Financing and guiding small scale researches for quality –enhancement of classroom teaching.
  4. The Major Focus of the In- service programmes are :
    • Classroom Practices
    • Value Education
    • Measurement and Evaluation
    • Integration of ICT
    • Language – Teaching
    • Teaching of Mathematics & Science
    • Pedagogy
    • Learning theories in practice
    • Action Research

 Such programme help in- service teachers join in the life – long odyssey of learning as a teacher.