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Department Profile

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The department was established in 1990 and was first in the state to start interdisciplinary program. Since its inception department have been engaged in research activities in advanced materials and time to time recognized by various government bodies.

  • It is recognized by UGC for SAP Program DRS II and III for the year 1993 to 2003 with a total grant of Rs.85 lakhs. Then it was promoted to CAS Phase I with a grant of Rs.86 lakhs from 2004-2009 and also successfully completed CAS Phase II program in 2014 with a grant of Rs.106 lakhs.
  • UGC has recommended for CAS Phase III for a grant of 103 lakhs.
  • GUJCOST has recognized the Department as a Centre for Excellence in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • DST New Delhi has recognized the Department at FIST level II program during the year 2005-2009 sanctioning a grant of Rs. 83 lakhs
  • We have been also recognized under State government under innovative program during 2009-2011, received Rs.63 lakhs
  • Department has completed numbers of projects funded by various national agencies like UGC, DST, DAE, BRUS, BRFST, NSF-IPR, etc…Department has also completed numbers of project sponsored by international funding agencies like DST-NSF, IFCPAR, TIT Japan, BMBF-DST,etc…

Present Status of the Department

Department of Materials Science has been recognized by the

  • UGC as Centre for Advanced Studies Phase III
  • GUJCOST as Centre of Excellence in Nanomaterials
  • DST as FIST level II department


The Department aims at:
  • Providing higher education, training and research in Materials Science
  • Industrial Consultancy
  • Test and Evaluation facilities
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaborative research
  • Research and Development of advanced high temperature materials including polymeric materials, Nanomaterials & Environment friendly materials

Extension Activities

  • Research students go to rural areas o teach science subject in schools.
  • Testing of materials of Engineering and Pharmacy college students of Sardar Patel University for their project work are analyzed.
  • Workshops are organized by giving the students hands on training of sophisticated instruments available in the department.
  • Engineering and M.Sc. students from different institutions are allowed to use the laboratory facilities for their project work

Future Plans

The Department plans to strengthen its research activities in the areas of Nanostructured materials including Polymers, Carbon and ceramic materials and undertake new research programs in the area of,
  1. Flame retardant polymers for coating and casting
  2. Coating of substrate using PECVD technique
  3. Development of Carbon Nanomaterials, Nanoclays, Porous materials and Nanomaterials reinforced Composites for Biomedical applications
  4. Concentrated Focus will be on research related to Graphene and Materials for Energy