Nearly 9000 books, pamphlets, reference books related to history available in the Bhaikaka Library.

The Department subscribes to the various periodicals and journals on Indian history in English, Hindi and Gujarati. Back files of a number of international journals can be accessed through university’s subscription to Jstor, Project Muse, etc.

Students’ Library: 

The Students’ Library was established by the past students of the Department in 2002. This humble beginning soon developed into a substantial library:supported solely by the students and faculty, the library houses at present around 1000 books, journals and some original documents pertaining to freedom movement of Gujarat.


History laboratory was setup to strengthen classroom teaching by means of audio-visual appartuses, slide shows, transparency and multi-media projector, and actual practice of of research. It consists of Four corners and has the following facilities :
  1. AUDIO-VISUAL CORNER : TV, VCR,Video cassettes, VCDs, DVDs, Over Head Projector, Multi- media Projector, Computer with Internet facility.
  2. ARCHITECTURAL AND ICONOGRAPHICAL STUDY CORNER : Charts of Architectural traditions of India; Photographs of sculptures and icons; nearly 300 slides on Painting, Architecture and Historical Monuments of India.
  3. MAP READING CORNER : Historical Maps of India; Charts and Ancient Civilizations of the World; Charts of coins.
  4. DOCUMENT STUDIES CORNER : Copies of rare documents and other historical material.