Department Profile

Department Profile

Thrust Areas: Gujarati Prose & Poetry, Indian & world literature, Indian & western criticism, Linguistics, Stylistics, comparative literature, sociology of literature, folklore, medieval literature.

History of the Department: Please visit video Gallery and kindly watch documentary film entitled ‘Parampara’ for getting past information of department.

Strengths: Our department is recognized as a SAP department by UGC. Active students and highly qualified teachers are our strength. All teachers achieved Ph.D. degree and received Major and Minor Research Projects. Prominent poets and writers are working in our department as a faculty Members. Many of our events such as seminars, workshops, book publications, etc. are made particularly dynamic by the cross fertilization of scholarly and creative agenda.

Challenges: The historical evolution of humanities is big challenge in our age. Teaching and learning to multidiscipline is become challengeable today. We have to develop the centrality of the humanities to the quest for knowledge and societal advancement.

Future Plan: We eager to work on SAP Research Project, to introduce new courses and linkage with Area Study, to publish Department Magazine, to encourage students to various program in community work, to establish Archives of Gujarati Literary Research Work and strengthen the existing library