Research & Development

Major Areas Of Research

  • Data Mining
  • Grid Computing
  • Distributed Computing
  • Image Processing
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Network Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Knowledge Based Systems
  • Soft Computing
  • Big Data and Intelligent Technologies for Web 
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Systems 
  • Cloud and Edge Computing 
  • Software Engineering
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Communication

Research Projects - Completed

UGC Funded Research Projects Completed

ProjectTitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator/ Co-InvestigatorsProject DurationFunds Sanctioned
Major research Project“Design and Implementation of a New Programming Language”University Grants Commission, New DelhiDr. S.M.Patel Mr. J.V.Smart Dr. D.B.Choksi Dr. O.S.Srivastava2002-20052,34,000
Minor research Project"Simulation Operations Research for Crops Yield Estimation"University Grants Commission, New DelhiDr. P.V.Virparia1995-1996
Major research Project"Neuro Fuzzy Decision Support System for Course Selection"University Grants Commission, New DelhiDr P S Sajja2009-2012

Significant Projects Completed

The department has carried out several important projects in various areas covering systems and applications domains like:

CAI software packages on simulation, tutorials and drill & practice for Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Hindi (accepted by DoE, Govt. of India)
Animal Health Care Packages (used by the veterinary college)
Word Processing tool for multi-user UNIX platform
Computer Aided Learning Package on Rotational Water Supply (for WALMI)
Decision Support Systems (DSS) for diet intake (for S P University)
Product-Mix for Dairy sector
DSS on farm cultivation (for Gujarat Agricultural University)
Knowledge Based Systems for Socio-Economic Development
Multimedia HIV awareness system
Software for dermatologists
Multimedia Foot-and-mouth disease awareness system
CAI using robotic arm
GIS for Vallabh Vidyanagar
3D model of human nervous system
Remote computer monitoring and controlling
Load balancing on Linux
Multiple sequence alignment
Prediction of RNA secondary structure
Online herbarium for Dept. of Biosciences, S P University
Prediction of functional structure of proteins
Drug dissolution analyzer
Simulation of protein synthesis
Multimedia based expert system for agriculture
Fingerprint recognition
Font creator
Relational Query Builder
PC telephony using TAPI

Ph. D. Awarded : 42

Sr. No Name (year) Date of Registration Date of Notification Title Current Position & place Guide
1 Prof S M Patel (1994) GDCST, VVN Dr P Thrimurthy
2 Dr K M Jhaveri (1994) IT Consultant, USA Dr P Thrimurthy
3 Dr G S Rao (1994) Project Analyst, USA Dr P Thrimurthy
4 Dr Vinod Kumar (1994) System Analyst, USA Dr P Thrimurthy
5 Dr Vipul Desai (1994) GM-HOEC, VADODARA Dr P Thrimurthy
6 Dr P V Patel (1996) DBA, USA Dr P Thrimurthy
7 Dr P S Sajja(2000) Thursday, 22/06/2000 Professor - GDCST, SPU, VVN Dr S M Patel
8 Dr P V Virparia(2002) Monday, 24/06/2002 Operations Research Models & Simulation for Agricultural Systems Professor - GDCST, SPU, VVN Dr S M Patel
9 Dr D M Shah(2005) Friday, 30/12/2005 Image Processing and Mutlimedia Techniques for Healthcare Professor - GDCST, SPU, VVN Dr S M Patel
10 Mr. Himanshu Patel(2012) Wednesday, 01/08/2012 Automatic Text Conversion of Continuous speech for Indian Languages. Assistant Professor – BAOU, Anand Dr P V Virparia
11 Mr. Atul Patel (2012) Wednesday, 01,08/2012 Development of Protocols and Algorithms to secure Integration of Adhoc Network and Wired Network. Principal, CICA, Changa Dr P V Virparia
12 Vishal R Dahiya (2013) Nov-2008 Friday, 01/02/2013 Graphics rendering through human perception Head, MCA Dept., Indus University Dr. P S Sajja
13 Jeegar A Trivedi (2013) Sep-2009 Friday,
Design of neuro-fuzzy advisory system using type-2 fuzzy logic Lecturer, S P University Dr. P S Sajja
14 Mr. Kamlesh Vaishnav (2013) Monday, 01/04/2013 An Integrated Approach to Improve Ontology Mapping Process in Semantic Web. Professor, MSU, Baroda Dr P V Virparia
15 Mr. Birajkumar V. Patel 09/01/2009 10/07/2013 Designing Model for Meta-Search Engine Lecturer, GDCST,SPU, VVN Dr D B Shah
16 Kunjal B Mankad (2013) 24/11/2008 Monday, 28/10/2013 A genetic-fuzzy approach to measure multiple intelligence -- Dr. P S Sajja
17 Mr. Mijal Mistry 31/08/2009 Wednesday, 30/10/2013 A Methodical Approach for Communication & Co-operation between agents using ontology for Healthcare Software Developer, Canada Dr D B Shah
18 Ms. Nehal P. Daulatjada(2013) Friday, 01/11/2013 Domain-Specific Ontology for Students’ Information in Academic Institution. Assist. Professor, SEMCOM Dr P V Virparia
19 Mr. Hardik B. Pandit 17/11/2009 Friday,
Decision support System for Healthcare on the Basis of Medical Palmistry through Digital Image Processing and Analysis Lecturer, GDCST,SPU, VVN Dr D B Shah
20 Anita M Gutta (2014) Oct-2010 Tuesday, 28/01/2014 A multi-agent framework for agricultural activities Platform Engineer at J.P. Morgan, Texas, USA Dr. P S Sajja
21 Mr. Sohil D. Pandya(2014) Saturday, 01/03/2014 Uncovering Knowledge Patterns using data Mining Techniques from Databases in an Indian University Head MCA Dept., SVIT, Vasad Dr P V Virparia
22 Ms. Megha Vaidya(2014) Sunday, 01/06/2014 In-Silico Structural and Functional Analysis of H. pylori Proteins responsible for Gastro Intestinal tract diseases in human Bioinformatics Analyst, USA Dr P V Virparia
23 Ms. Amisha R. Chauhan(2014) Monday, 01/09/2014 Design and Development of Natural Language Query Interface for Relational Databases Assist. Professor., SVIT, Vasad Dr P V Virparia
24 Mr. Pranav Pathak 31/08/2009 Tuesday, 30/09/2014 Artificial Intelligent Game System for Steer Behavior Assist. Professor., Saudi Arabia Dr D B Shah
25 Mr. Sagar S. Patel 20/11/2012 Friday, 12/12/2014 Database designing and analysis of data for Leguminosae family members present in Gujarat state by various Bioinformatics tools Post Doc Fellow, USA Dr D B Shah
26 Mr. Kirtan P. Dave(2015) 10/03/2011 12/01/2015 Analysis and Integration of Biological Data for Metabolic Pathway Network Reconstruction by Computational System Biology Approach Assist. Professor., CISST Dr D B Choksi
27 Ms. Megha K. Patel 15/11/2009 Friday, 27/03/2015 Development & Applications of Computer Software to study the structural activity properties of certain chemicals. Assist. Professor., CVM Dr D B Shah
28 Mr. Dharmendra Bhatti(2016) Friday, 01/01/2016 A Soft Computing Based Intelligent Intrusion Detection System : Answer to Emerging Unknown Attacks Associate Professor, UTU Dr P V Virparia
29 Mr. Pritesh Patel(2016) Wednesday, 01/06/2016 Design and Implementation of SQL query from Spoken Words using Mobile Technology and Natural Language Processing Android Developer, Canada Dr P V Virparia
30 Ms. Jigisha Patel(2016) Thursday, 01/09/2016 Accent Based Speech Recognition of Gujarati Language Professor, Canada Dr P V Virparia
31 Raina Garevar 30/09/2014 Wednesday, 25/04/2018 Comprehensive use of Social Network Analysis for Terrorist Network Mining Assist. Professor, P G dept of Computer Sc & Tech, SPU Dr. D. B. Shah
32 Swapinl Patel 01/02/2011 Monday, 30/04/2018 Design & Development of Institute Management System Using Mobile Technologies BVM Dr. D. B. Shah
33 Shreya Bhavsar 01/10/2014 Monday, 16/12/2019 Multilingual Multimedia Based Crop Disease Management System using Mobile Technology N V Patel College, VVN Dr. D. B. Shah
34 Sanskruti V Patel (2013) 19/03/2008 13/08/2013 Development of multi-agent knowledge-based system accessing distributed database grid Asst. Prof. Charuset, Changa Dr. P S Sajja
35 Dr D B Choksi (1996) 17/12/1996 Professor, Dept. of Comp. Sci, Sardar Patel University Dr P Thrimurthy
36 Nisha P Macwan (2015) June 2010 01/06/2015 Evaluating effectiveness of fuzzy logic as an interface for artificial neural network -- Dr. P S Sajja
37 Mr. Jignesh Smart(2017) 24/07/2014 (Re-regd.) 20/09/2017 Design of a New Programming Language Assist. Professor, GDCST,SPU, VVN Dr D B Choksi
38 Nilay M Vaidya (2017) Mar-13 21/09/2017 Design of an intelligent virtual collaborative learning environment Asst. Prof. Charuset, Changa Dr. P S Sajja
39 Ms. Jyoti Tiwari 02/02/2006 27/08/2013 Harnessing Knowledge Management Through ICT Director, Computer Center, Sardar Patel University Dr D B Choksi
40 Ms Rupal Bhatt (2017) 27/08/2010 27/09/2017 Load Balancing and Resource Management Daemons for Performance Analysis on Computer Clusters I/c Principal, AMCOST Dr D B Choksi
41 Mr. Narayan A. Joshi (2012) September, 2008 29/10/2012 Development of Algorithms for Optimized Process Migration for Load Balancing in Distributed Systems Professor&Head, D.D.University, Nadiad Dr D B Choksi
42 Monika M Patel (2017) Mar-2013 08/05/2017 Study and evaluation of watermark extraction techniques using computational intelligence Lecturere, CVM Uiversity Dr. P S Sajja

The following scholars are pursuing  for Doctorate degree :

Sr. No. Name of the Supervisor Name of the
Ph. D. Scholar
Date of Registration Registration Number Research Topic
1 Dr. D. B. Shah Jinal J. Patel 27/02/2015 1102 Design and Implementation of Speech Recognition Algorithm for Gujarati language
2 Dr. D. B. Shah Nidhi Desai 27/10/2017 1560 Recital Analysis on Human Behavioral traits using Intelligence Palmistry
3 Dr. D. B. Shah Hiral Patel 12/03/2018 1654 Proposed new watermarking algorithm for Digital Image Tamper Detection, Localization and Recovery
4 Dr. D. B. Shah Kirtankumar Ramanlal Rathod 09/10/2018 181084 Transformation of Real-Time Textual Image into Machine Encoded Text for Visually Impaired People
5 Dr. D. B. Shah Naimesh gathiyawala 19/03/2019 181030 Designing Model for analyzing Human Behavior using Signature
6 Dr. D. B. Choksi Mr. Bharat B. Patel 22/11/2013
4424 Performance Improvement of Web Service Testing Tools through Enhanced Parallelism using Asynchronous Model
7 Dr. D. B. Choksi Mr. Bhavin Dilipkumar Shah 12/03/2013 569 Exploring Big Data Management Techniques using a Polyglot Model for Academic Databases
8 Dr. D. B. Choksi Mr. Dhavat Bhupendrakumar Shah 20/02/2014 707 Design of an Architectural Framework for SEO Monitoring System to Accomplish Product- Based Semantic Search
9 Dr. P. V. Virparia Mr. Navtej Bhatt 15/03/2013 570 An empirical study on irrigation project of Saurashtra Region for better productivity in agriculture through water demand forecasting – A Data Mining Technique
10 Dr. P. V. Virparia Pankaj Shantibhai Parsania 28/02/2014 743 Image Scaling Techniques Using High Performance Computing
11 Dr. P. V. Virparia Vyas Hardik Ashokkumar 04/10/2014 1079 Gujarati Braille Recognition and Transliterates into Text to Assist Visually Impaired People
12 Dr. P. V. Virparia Mona Yogeshbhai Joshi 05/04/2016 1317 Reusable Learning Object Repositories using Fuzzy XML Rules
13 Dr. P. S. Sajja Pravin R Patel 20/02/2014 718 Development of text-to-speech (TTS) synthesizer for Gujarati language
14 Dr. P. S. Sajja Krunal Khurana 01/10/2014 1055 Design of knowledge based system for intrusion detection using fuzzy human behaviour anomaly
15 Dr. P. S. Sajja Saiyed Saziyabegum vazirsahab 23/11/2015 1257 Hybrid Genetic - Fuzzy system for text summarization
16 Dr. P. S. Sajja Gargi Shah 27/10/2017 1563 Hybrid Synthesizer for text-to-speech conversion for Gujarati language
17 Dr. P. S. Sajja Zankhana Vaishnav 27/10/2017 1546 Gujarati Word Sense Disambiguation using Genetic Algorithm
18 Dr. P. S. Sajja Rima Shah 27/10/2017 1492 Privacy and Security Management in Cloud Environment
19 Dr. P. S. Sajja Rasenshu Mishra 01/11/2017 1545 Content Based Documents Investigation and Recommendation using Intelligent Techniques
20 Dr. B. V. Patel Kaushika Chandrakant Pal 27/03/2017 1383 Multiclass Classification of Hindi Poem based on Sentiments
21 Dr. B. V. Patel Ashish Prataprai Joshi 27/03/2017 1420 Stream Data Mining: A model for real-time knowledge discovery
22 Dr. B. V. Patel Hemang Amulbhai Desai 03/12/2018 1596 A model for Gujarati News Search Engine
23 Dr. H. B. Pandit A. Anuradha 17/11/2015 Analysis and Design of a Multidimensional Approach for Enhanced Security in Cloud Computing using Image Staganography
24 Dr. J. A. Trivedi Bhatt Pankti Purarinath 09/10/2015 1163 Real Time Automatic Decision Making for Driving Using Sensor’s and Neuro-Fuzzy Approach
25 Dr. J. A. Trivedi Bhavsar Hemina Chandrakantbhai 27/03/2017 1363 Indian Sign Language Recognition System For Deaf and Dumb People Using Image Processing With Neuro – Fuzzy Approach
26 Dr. J. A. Trivedi Bhargav Rajababushivjanardanprasad Vyas 07/03/2018 1603 Intelligent Suggestions for Law Based Problems Using Hybrid-Fuzzy Inference System
27 Dr. J. A. Trivedi Upasana Shubhaschandra Mehta 30/09/2019 191018 Intelligent Parking Guidance using IoE
28 Dr. P. P. Pittalia Ms. Eeva Kapopara 08/10/2018 Secured Text Data Sharing Over Network Using Color Cryptography

Research Projects - Ongoing

UGC Funded Research Projects Completed
TitleFunding AgencyPrincipal Investigator/ Co-InvestigatorsProject Duration
Funds Sanctioned
?Neuro Fuzzy Decision Support System for Course Selection? University Grants Commission, New DelhiDr. Priti Srinivas Sajja May 2009 to April 2012 6,21,300
Significant Projects Completed

Image Processing and Multimedia techniques for Healthcare

Neuro-fuzzy Decision Support System

Load Balancing on Linux Clusters

A Techno-centric Knowledge Scouting Framework for the Institutional Knowledge in the Semantic Grid

Development of Multi-agent Knowledge-based System Accessing Distributed Database Grid

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