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University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi


UGC strives to promote teaching and research in emerging areas in Humanities, Social Sciences,  Languages, Literature, Pure Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Pharmacy, Medical, Agricultural Sciences etc. 


Name of scheme(s)

Major and Minor Research Projects



To promote excellence in research in higher education by supporting research programmes of University and College teachers in various disciplines.


Traditionally, universities have been the centers of research. Although, the Government has a network of science and technology laboratories for research and development, the major base of  researchers in science and technology remains with the universities. Therefore, university and college teachers need to be supported to meet this requirement. 

Contact Address

The Secretary, University Grants Commission ,Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi – 110002 ,

Tel. No: (011) 23234019, 23236350 , Fax. No.: (011) 23239659




Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi


I. Introduction

The major functions of CSIR include promotion, guidance and coordination of scientific and industrial  research in India; establishment or development of and assistance to existing special institutions or departments for scientific study of problems affecting particular industries and trades; award of fellowship; utilization of Council’s R&D results for industrial development; collection and dissemination of S&T information; and technology generation, absorption and transfer.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Group of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR)  has a mandate to develop and nurture S&T manpower at the national level. It also promotes, guides and co-ordinates scientific & industrial research through research grants to Scientists/Professors working in

Universities/R&D Institutes of Higher learning.


II. Name of scheme(s) & Objective(s)

1.    Research Schemes

To promote research work in the field of S&T including agriculture, engineering and medicine.

Multi-disciplinary projects which involve inter-organisational cooperation (including that of CSIR Laboratories) are also considered. Preference is given to schemes which have relevance to research programmes of CSIR laboratories



2. Sponsored Schemes

The Directors of CSIR laboratories may invite applications for research grants in specific areas of interest to their respective laboratories.


3. Emeritus Scientist Scheme

To provide support to superannuated outstanding scientists to pursue research in their respective field of


4. Research Fellowships/Associateships 

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Fellowship;  Senior Research Associateship

Recognition of Excellence ; Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize

CSIR Young Scientist Award


5. Other Science and Technology Promotion Programmes

CSIR Programme on Youth Leadership in Science;  CSIR Diamond Jubilee Research Interns Award Scheme; Visiting Associateship Scheme; Partial Financial Assistance for holding National/International Conferences/  Seminar/ Workshops in India; Partial Travel Grants to Research Scholars ; Entrepreneurship Support to Research Scholars; Faculty Training Programme and Adoption of Schools and Colleges by CSIR Laboratories


Contact Address:

The Head, Human Resource Development Group; Council of Scientific and Industrial Research; CSIR Complex, Library Avenue, Pusa; New Delhi – 110 012,Tel. Nos: (011) 25748632, 25721585; Fax. No: (011) 25840887, 25860595, E-mail:, Website:



Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)


DRDO is dedicatedly engaged in the formulation and execution of programmes of scientific research, design and development, testing and evaluation leading to induction of state-of-art weapons and equipment which would comp ete and compare favorably with its contemporary systems available  elsewhere in the world. It consists of a chain of laboratories/establishments situated all over the country, pursuing assigned scientific goals with delegated powers under the policy direction provided by the  headquarters in New Delhi. DRDO also supports a substantial amount of extramural research in academic institutions and other laboratories on defence related problems through various grants -in-aid schemes and other sponsored projects. 


Extramural Research Scheme

Research sponsored in academic institutions under the extramural research (ER) scheme  focuses on research on phenomena or observations that are not understood, and that lack of understanding is recognized as an obstacle to scientific or technological progress in the broad  topic area of relevance to military R&D. The ER scheme also supports the instrumentality of Memoranda of Collaboration (MoC)  between DRDO Laboratories & Establishments and academia.. Such institutional cross and is made operational in an MoC through a management structure which includes in its  standing arrangements representation of directors of the collaborating DRDO institutions.


Contact Address :

The Director,  Defence Research & Development Organisation, West Block 8, Wing 5, 1st Floor, R.K. Puram, New Delhi – 110066,Telefax: 011-26170928 ,


Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)


The Department of Atomic Energy supports research programmes in Nuclear Science and Technology  through the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS). BRNS support the following schemes.


Name of scheme(s) & Objective(s)


1. R&D Project 

Fostering research capabilities and manpower development in universities and similar institutions of higher learning and research. 


2. Symposium/Conference/Workshop

To promote large scale interactions in various disciplines of science and technology that are of interest to DAE. 


3. DAE Young Scientists Research Award

To support young scientist below the age of 35 years in their initial years of settling down in a career of R&D. 


4. Dr. K.S. Krishnan Research Associateship

To support talented science and engineering research scholars


5. Raja Ramanna Fellowship

To utilize the services of active retired scientists/engineers and technologists, who have been  involved in high quality research in their specialized discipline in the units of the DAE or any National Laboratory or University/Institute


6. Visiting Scientists

To promote close interactions on specialized scientific and technical topics between the scientists and technologists from DAE and Universities/IITs/IISc/ National Labs.


7. Homi Bhabha Chair Professorship

These Chairs are instituted in recognition of sustained record of excellence and creative contribution to research and / or teaching in the area of interest to DAE. 


8. DAE Graduate Fellowships

To provide excellent career opportunity to students qualifying for admission to the M.Tech Course in Indian Institute of Technology at Mumbai, New Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Chennai  or Roorkee.


9. DAE Graduate Fellowships for Ph.D. 

To provide an opportunity to work on projects of interest to DAE to those students who aspire to attain the highest academic qualification, (ii) to achieve the basic objective of strengthening  linkages between the grant-in-aid institutions and the research centres for the benefit of advancing the pace of research in nuclear sciences, and (iii) to accelerate the speed to translating  R&D into technology products and their applications.



10. DAE-SRC Award 

The core objective is to augment support to individual research workers with highly innovative ideas and with proven abilities to pursue advanced research in frontier areas of science and  engineering at an accelerated pace. 


Contact Address:

The Scientific Secretary / Programme Officer , BRNS Secretariat

Department of Atomic Energy , 1st Floor, Central Complex,

BARC, Trombay , Mumbai-400 085 . Tel. No: (022) 25505223/ 25593946/25595331/ 25595386

Fax : (022) 25505151/ 25519613, E-mail:;



Department of Biotechnology (DBT)


The setting up of a separate Department of Biotechnology (DBT), under the Ministry of Science and  Technology in 1986 gave a new impetus to the development of the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India. In more than a decade of its existence, the department has promoted and accelerated the pace of development of biotechnology in the country. Through several R&D projects, demonstrations and creation of infrastructural facilities a clear visible impact of this field  has been seen. The department has made significant achievements in the growth and application of biotechnology in the broad areas of agriculture, health care, animal sciences, environment, and industry.


II. Name of scheme(s)

• Agriculture   • Bioinformatics  • Biotech Product and Process Development  • Basic Research  • Human Resource Development  • Infrastructure Facilities • International Cooperation  • Medical Biotechnology • Bioresources 


Areas of research support

Animal Biotechnology ; Aquaculture and Marine biotechnology; Basic Research in Biotechnology; Biofuels; Bioinformatics; Biological Control of Plants pests, diseases and weeds ;Bioprospecting and Molecular Taxonomy ; Biotech process engineering and industrial ; biotechnology; Biotechnology of Medicinal and Aromatics plants; Biotechnology of Silkworms and host-plants ; Crop Biotechnology ; Environment & Conservation Biotechnology; Food Biotechnology 


Contact Address:

Department of Biotechnology

Block 2, 7th Floor, C.G.O. Complex, Lodi Road , New Delhi – 110 003




Department of Science and Technology (DST)


The Department of Science & Technology plays a pivotal role in promotion of Science & Technology in the country. Science & Technology Policy-2003 states that “Special emphasis will be placed on equity in development, so that the benefits of technological growth reach the majority of the population, particularly the disadvantaged sections, leading to an improved quality of life for every citizen of the country.”

The Department has wide ranging activities ranging from promoting high end basic research and development  of cutting edge technologies on one hand to service the technological requirements of the common man through development of appropriate skills and technologies on the other.  The Department supports research through a wide variety of schemes specifically carved out to meet the requirements of different sections of the scientific and engineering community.


II. Name of scheme(s):

• Himalayan Glaciology (HG); • Indian Climate Research Programme (ICRP)• Instrument Development Programe (IDP); • International S&T Cooperation (ISTC);• Joint Technology Projects under STAC/IS-STAC; Monsoon and Tropical Climate (MONTCLIM) & Agrometeorology; Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS); Pharmaceuticals Research & Development Support Fund (PRDSF) Programme; Programme Advisory Committee on Earth Sciences (PAC-ES): R&D Projects Scheme; Science & Engineering Research Council (SERC); Science & Society Programmes (SSP); • Seismology Programme (SP); State Science & Technology Programme (SSTP) • Technology Development Programme (Joint Technology–Technology System Programme); Utilisation of Scientific Expertise of Retired Scientists (USERS)


Contact Address:

Department of Science & Technology ,Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road ,New Delhi – 110 016 ,Telefax No: (011) 26963695E-mail: ,Website:



Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)


The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) is a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has a mandate to carry out the activities relating to indigenous technology promotion, development, utilization and transfer.  The Technology Promotion, Development and Utilization (TPDU) Programmes are directed towards meeting the specific needs of industry and are of particular relevance in the present context. Programmes and activities  under the scheme are centered around promoting industrial R&D, development and commercialization of technologies, acquisition, management and export of technologies, promotion of consultancy capabilities, etc.


II. Name of scheme(s)

Technology Promotion, Development and Utilization Programmes & its Components.



• Promote and support industry efforts towards R&D.

• Encourage R&D system-industry cooperation.

• Support industry for technology development, demonstration and absorption of imported technology.

• Build indigenous capabilities for development and commercialization of contemporary products and  processes of high impact.

• Evaluate the status and performance of technology in selected sectors/areas.

• Facilitate effective transfer and management of technology. 

• Promote international technology trade including export of technology projects, services and technology intensive products. 

• Promote and strengthen consultancy capabilities for domestic use and export requirements. Support and use mechanisms, both national and international, towards transfer of technology, both within and outside the country.

• Generate endogenous capacities for the development and utilization of digital information resources for providing inputs to scientific & industrial research in the country.


These objectives are implemented through the following six component schemes:

• Industrial R&D Promotion Programme

            (i) Technology Development and Demonstration Programme 

            (ii) Technopreneur Promotion Programme

• Technology Management Programme 

• International Technology Transfer Programme

• Consultancy Promotion Programme

• Technology Information Facilitation Programme 


Contact Address:

Department of Scientific & Industrial Research ,Ministry of Science & Technology

Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road , New Delhi – 110016

Tel. No : (011) 26960629 , Fax : (011) 26516078

E-mail :, Website :



Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)


The primary aim of the ICMR is to promote research in the country in the fields of medicine, public health and allied areas. The Council promotes biomedical research in the country through intramural research (through Institutes totally funded by ICMR) and extramural research (through grants -in-aid given to projects in non-

ICMR Institutes).


II. Name of the scheme(s) 

 Ad-hoc Research Schemes : Open-ended Research (Ad-hoc Projects) on the basis of applications for grants-in-aid received from scientists in non-ICMR Research Institutes located in different parts of the country 


Senior Research Fellowship/Research Associate

Junior Research Fellowships

Emeritus Medical Scientist Scheme (for retired medical scientists and teachers, the Council offers the  position of Emeritus Scientist to enable them to continue or take up research on specific biomedical topics.) 


Other Research Activities:

Short Term Research Studentship (for undergraduate medical students to encourage them to  familiarize themselves with research methodologies and techniques)


National Task Force Projects : which emphasise a time-bound, goal-oriented approach with clearly  defined targets, specific time frames, standardized and uniform methodologies, and often a multicentric structure



Centres for Advanced Research :

setting up Centres for Advanced Research in different research areas around existing expertise and infrastructure in selected departments of Medical Colleges, Universities and other non-ICMR Research Institutes .

Guidance for International Collaboration for Research in Biomedical Sciences


ICMR International Fellowships for Biomedical Scientists from Developing Countries

ICMR International Fellowships for Indian Biomedical Scientists

ICMR Financial assistance to MD/MS/DM/MCH thesis programme

Grant-in-aid for organising Seminars/Symposia/Workshops

Contact Address:

Director General, Indian Council of Medical Research , V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan ,Post Box No. 4911,  Ansari Nagar  , New Delhi- 110029  ,

Tel.No: 91-11-26588895, 91-11-26588980 ,91-11-26588707, 91-11-26589794, 91-11-26589336 , Fax: 91-1126588662,

E-mail:  , Website:


Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF)

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is the nodal agency in the admin istrative structure of the  central government for planning, promotion and coordination of environmental and forestry programmes.


The main activities of the Ministry are conservation and survey of flora, fauna, forests and wildlife;  prevention and control of pollution, afforestation and regeneration of degraded areas and protection of environment. These tasks are being fulfilled through environmental impact assessment, eco-regeneration,

assistance to organizations implementing environmental and forestry programmes; promotion of environmental and forestry research, extension, education and training to augment the requisite manpower; dissemination of environmental information; international cooperation and creation of  environmental awareness among all sectors of the country’s population.


II. Name of scheme(s) (Under revision)

1.  Environmental Research Programme (ERP)  2.  Ecosystems Research Scheme (ERS)  3.  Eastern and Western Ghats Research  Programme (E&WRP)

4.  Biosphere Reserves   5.  Mangroves and Coral Reefs 


Contact Address:

6.  Wetlands 7.  National Natural Resources Management  System (NNRMS)

8.  Ganga Action Plan/National River Conservation Programme

9.  Research and Consultancy Projects in Wildlife 

Adviser , Research Division , Ministry of Environment and Forests

Paryavaran Bhavan, Block No. 2 , CGO Complex, Lodi Road

New Delhi – 110003 , Tel.No: (011) 24362840 , Fax: (011) 24368654

E-mail: , Website:







Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI)


The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI) was set up in July, 1988 to give an impetus to development of food processing industries in the country. The Ministry is concerned with formulation  and implementation of the policies & plans for the food processing industries within the overall national priorities and objectives. The Ministry acts as a catalyst for bringing in greater investment into this sector, guiding and helping the industry, encouraging exports and creating a conducive environment for  healthy growth of the food processing industry.


Contact Address

The Joint Secretary ,

Ministry of Food Processing Industries ,

Panchsheel  Bhawan, 

August Kranti  Marg ,

New Delhi – 110 049 ,

Tel. No: (011) 26492216, 26492174

Fax. No: (011) 26493228 ,

E-mail: ,




Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES)

The Ministry promotes renewable energy technologies and creates an environment conducive for their commercialization through innovative policy initiatives and strategies. The range of its activities covers renewable energy resource assessment, research and development, demonstration, extension and production in the areas of biomass energy, solar thermal and solar photovoltaics, wind energy and small hydro power. It also promotes and supports studies and research in new technology areas such as tidal energy, geothermal energy, alternate fuels for transportation, hydrogen energy and fuel cells. The programmes of the Ministry are implemented mainly through the state energy development agencies and state electricity boards. Greater thrust has been given to research and development through active involvement of research institutions, universities, industries and non-governmental organizations.


II. Name of scheme(s) (Under revision)

Industry/Institution Participation in Research and Development Projects

To encourage public as well as private industrial sector for research and development in NRSE sector on cost sharing basis. 


III. Areas of research support

• New Technologies   • Solar Thermal  • Solar Photovoltaics • Wind Energy • Biomass Energy 


Contact Address 

Director (R&D) , R&D Division ,Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources

Block No. 14, C.G.O. Complex, L odi Road , New Delhi – 110003

Tel. No: (011) 24361604 , Fax. No: (011) 24367413 , 

E-mail: ,Website:




Indian National Science Academy ( INSA)



The Chairman,

Indian National Science Academy,

Bahadur Shah Zafar  Marg,

New Delhi – 110002

e-mail: .in  , ,


Fax: 91-11-23235648/23231095 ,T

el: EPBAX No. 23221931 to 232219








Fulbright-Nehru Awards enable the most outstanding students, academics and professionals in India and the U.S. to study, research and teach in the host country.

Indian scholars are selected through a rigorous application and interview process. Once selected, awardees receive support navigating the visa processing and securing health insurance, as well as a comprehensive pre-departure orientation.

The Commission is also the first point of contact for U.S. citizens coming to India on a Fulbright Fellowship. USIEF organizes programs and support throughout the year including an arrival orientation in August and an annual Fulbright Review Conference in March.




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