Outreach programmes, collaborations

Out of the total number of programmes held in a year, about 40-50% are arranged at places other than the CSC. The present facilities at the CSC are not enough so that some of the programmes like lecture, quiz/test, workshop etc are conducted at nearby institutions.  Many of the out-reach programmes are already mentioned above. The Centre readily gets the academic services of experts for out-reach programmes. Dr. Ushaben Sarda, faculty member at a Teacher Education (B. Ed.) College in Anand has carried out a number of Mathematics programmes in village schools in our District. A few of the MSW (Master of Social Welfare) students have conducted programmes of health and education awareness by arranging village assembly – Gram Sabha.

Besides, several theme-based programmes like posters-models competitions, elocutions etc are specially arranged in the month of February, around the National Science Day February 28th. Schools are encouraged to form Science Clubs for students’ activities. The CSC Director /Coordinator and the Science Communicators visit various places in the Dist. for this purpose. The Director himself is also invited to deliver lecture on topics like nuclear energy etc at CSCs in other districts in Gujarat.

We are fortunate in having academic collaborations with Departments and colleges/schools in and around the educational campus of Vidyanagar. Department of Physics SPU has played a major role in all the activities of the Centre since the beginning. Apart from this the other collaborating institutions include
  • M. B. Patel College of Education SPU, Vidyanagar
  • PG Department of Home Science, SPU, Vidyanagar
  • PG Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry etc SPU
  • N. H. Patel College of Education, Anand
  • N. V. Patel College of Pure & Applied Sciences, Vidyanagar
  • R. K. Parikh Science College, Petlad (Dist. Anand)
  • Higher secondary, Secondary and primary Schools under Charutar Vidya Mandal Management in Vidyanagar
  • Schools Anand dist