Housing & physical amenities

The Centre is housed in its own building wherein the ground floor consists of a small meeting room (class-room) and the Office. We have a ‘Hall of Science’ on the first floor where scientific models and projects etc are arranged for the benefit of visitors. The University has drawn out a plan to build up a Class-room cum laboratory at the top floor now.

Visitors are first given a glimpse of what they can see in this Centre. A number of charts and posters have been arranged on different topics/subjects of S & T. A permanent exhibition on Bio-technology has also been arranged at the ground floor, with the assistance of Gujarat State Bio-technology Mission, govt. of Gujarat Gandhinagar. Simple gadgets and equipments are available for doing school level experiments in science and to some extent in mathematics. We have an LCD TV for showing videos and a multi-media system for ppt presentations etc. Facilities of other Departments/institutions in Vidyanagar are available on request. District /state level programmes are arranged in the University Auditorium.