Our Aim

Community Radio taking on diverse forms, depending on its surroundings, remains a type of radio made to serve people radio that encourage expression and participation and that values local culture. The Community Radio Station of Sardar Patel University has now become one part of overall strategy for the development of students and of course teachers’ skills. The University is giving an opportunity to the students to become an active member of the radio station and develop a skill of communication. The daily program schedule of radio station covers Lectures, Debates, Panel Discussions, Traditional Songs, University News, Cultural Programs, Health related programs, Institutional Profiles, Admissions related information, All the students of the Sardar Patel University are benefited by the Radio Station programs. Five Daily Transmission slots of an hour each and everything entirely in the student domain this station lives up to its name. The university’s main focus is the student community. Their participation in radio station activity, both for program production as well as technical aspects, remove their fear and giving them hand-on experience in radio technology. The radio sets are cheap and easily available; students are having a ball hearing themselves on air. The programming inevitably mimics campus lingo- Gujarati, with some English and Hindi thrown in. The venture is strictly non-commercial.