Examination Information

Examination Schedule

July - 2020 Onwards

M.Sc. (Bioscience) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Bioscience) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Bioscience) (Third Semester)
M.Sc. (Bioscience) (Fourth Semester)PGDCAA (Second Semester)
T.Y.B.A. (External)T.Y.B.Com. (External)
M.Sc. (Chemistry) (Fourth Semester) (Inorganic, Industrial Polymer, Physical Chemistry)M.Sc. (Renewable Energy) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Renewable Energy) (Fourth Semester)
M.Sc. (Home Science) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Home Science) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Home Science) (Third Semester)
 M.Sc. (Home Science) (Fourth Semester) M.Sc. (Mathematics) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Mathematics)(Second Semester)
M.Sc.(Mathematics) (Third Semester)M.Sc.(Mathematics) (Fourth Semester)M.Phil. (Physics) (Second Semester)

M.Sc. (Electronics) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Electronics) (Second Semester)
M.Sc. (Electronics) (Fourth Semester)M.Sc. (Materials Science) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Materials Science) (Fourth Semester)
M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Applied Statistics)(Third Semester)
M.Sc. (Applied Statistics) (Fourth Semester)M.Sc. (Statistics) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Statistics) (Second Semester)
M.Sc. (Statistics) (Third Semester)M.Sc(Statistics)(Fourth Semester)M.Sc. (QPM) (Second Semester)
M.Sc. (Physics) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (Physics) (Fourth Semester)
M.A. (History, Sanskrit, Political Science)  (Second Semester)M.A. (History, Sanskrit, Political Science)  (Fourth Semester)M.A. (Logic & Philosophy) (Second & Fourth Semester)
M.A. (Psychology) (Second Semester)M.A. (Psychology) (Fourth Semester)
M.Ed. (Second Semester)M.Ed. (Fourth Semester)M.Sc. (Applied Physics) (Fourth Semester)
M.Sc. (IT) (Fourth Semester)M.Sc. (Applied Physics) (First Semester)M.Sc. (Applied Chemistry) (First Semester)
M.A. (Gujarati ,Gujarati-FIS, Sociology, Public Administration) (Second Semester)M.A. (Gujarati ,Gujarati-FIS, Sociology, Public Administration) (Fourth Semester)M.Phil. (Gujarati, Hindi) (Second Semester)
M.Pharm. (Second Semester) (Revised)M.Pharm. (Fourth Semester) (Revised)M.Phil. (English) (Second Semester)
M.Sc. (Biomedical, Defence, Bioinformatics, Applied Chemistry) (Second Semester)
M.Phil. (ELT) (Second Semester)
M.A. (Economics ,Hindi, JMC, ELT) (Second Semester)M.A. (Economics ,Hindi, JMC, ELT) (Fourth Semester)
M.C.A (First Semester)M.C.A (Second Semester)M.C.A (Third Semester)
M.C.A (Fourth Semester)M.C.A (Fifth Semester)
M.Sc. (IT) (First Semester)M.Sc. (IT) (Second Semester)M.Sc. (IT) (Third Semester)
PGDCA (First Semester)PGDCA (Second Semester)M.Phil. (Social Work) (Second Semester)
M.S.W. (HR) (Second Semester) (New Course)M.S.W. (HR) (Fourth Semester) (New Course)
M.S.W. (Second Semester)M.S.W. (Fourth Semester)B.Ed. (Special) (MR) (Second Semester)
Second M.B.B.SThird M.B.B.S. (Part - I)Third M.B.B.S. (Part - II)
B.H.M.S. - III (Old Course)B.H.M.S. - IV (New Course)B.H.M.S. - IV (Old Course)
B.Ed. (Fourth Semester) (General)B.Ed. (Fourth Semester) (Advanced)B.Ed. (Fourth Semester) (English)
B.Ed. (Second Semester) (General)B.Ed. (Second Semester) (Advanced)B.Ed. (Second Semester) (English)

Examination Notification : 2019 - 2020

June-July - 2020 Onwards

Paper Style for B.Ed. Special Programs

Circular Regarding Online MCQ Examination Paper Style for M.Sc, M.Phil, M.A. (English), LL.M., M.Com. (HRD), M.Com. (E-Business) Programs

Paper Style for CISST Department

M.Sc. (IT) Project Work - Schedule

Paper Style for M.Sc, M.Com, M.S.W., M.Lib. Programs

Paper Style for MA (Gujarati, Gujarati-FIS, Sociology, Public Administration) (Second & Fourth Semester) Students

M.B.B.S. Notification

M.Pharm. Notification

Paper Style for M.Ed. Students (Revised)

Paper Style for MA (Sanskrit, History, Political Science, Psychology) (Second & Fourth Semester) Students

Important Circular for Sanitization

Circular Regarding University Examination

Important Circular For University Examination

Paper Style - I for B.Sc. (Home Science) Students

Paper Style - II for B.Sc. (Home Science) Students

Paper Style for B.A. (Advanced) & B.S.W. (SE) Students

Paper Style for B.Voc. (Hospitality & Tourism, Retail Management) Students

Paper Style for B.Voc. (Banking & Financial Services, Event Management, Export & Import Management, Software Development) Students

Paper Style for B.Sc., B.C.A & B.Sc. (CA & IT) Students

Paper Style for B.A. & B.S.W. Students

Paper Style for B.B.A. & B.Com. Students

Paper Style for B.Ed. (Advanced) Students

Paper Style for LL.B., LL.M. DTP & DLP Students

Circular For Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning programs- 2020

Examination Schedule June - 2020

Paper Style for B.Ed. Students

Paper Style for PG Students

Important Circular Related to Examination

Schedule for Presentation & Viva for M.C.A. - VI

Faculty of Homoeopathy

Faculty of Medicine

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Hall Ticket Downloading Information for Departments/Colleges (Only for CBCS - 2014 batch onwards)

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Hostel Accommodation during Covid 19

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