UGC Section Workload

U.G.C. Section :- Workload

Contact No. (02692) 226825

  1. Inviting of proposals of various Scheme/Programme. After sanctioning of Major /Minor/SAP/CAS/BSR/IBT-DBT/Innovative Programme from the funding agency establish new files for the above each Programme in two parts, i.e. Grant File & Expenditure Files – Total ongoing 68 Projects / Programme & may take its note by Syndicate
    1Major /Minor Project 55
    2SAP Programme
    12    (Physics, Chemistry, Economics, M.B.A., Hindi, Bio-Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Business Studies, Materials Science, Home Science & Gujarati)
    3IBT-DBTP Programme01    (Bio-Sciences - Two Year M.Sc, Teaching Course)
  2. After getting Code Nos. for Accounts purpose of the each Programme, intimate to the Principal Investigator / Co-ordinator of Programme of each Programme.
  3. All type permission/sanction are taking from Authority & intimate to proper P.I./Co-ordinator for its consideration.
  4. Pass all the bills/vouchers of the Programme/Projects and send to Account section for onward payments.
  5. After the end of financial year, complete the Utilization Certificates & Progress Reports of all the Programme and send to the Funding Agency each year for further grant.
  6. Allotment of Meritorious/BSR Fellowships / Contingency Grant & claim grant from the Funding Agency and work of sanctioning contingency grant of each Fellowship. – Now 50 (forty eight) Fellowships are sanctioned as under:-
    1. Physics:                05
    2. Chemistry :           35
    3. Home Science:     04
    4. Mathematics:        04 
    5. Economics   :        01
    6. CEAP(Bio-Sci.):   01
  7.  All kinds of permission in the Projects/Programme are issued.
  8. All type of computerized work in English as well as Gujarati i.e. Office Note, Permission letters, Thanks letter, Appointment letters of     Fellows, Purchase orders, all kind work of L.C. & Agenda-Minutes of Scientific Equipment Purchase Committee, Item of Syndicate and F.E. Meeting, Planning & Monitoring Board, College Development of Council, Rate Contract, Registration of Parties etc.
  9. XII Plan General Development
    Sr. No.ItemXII Plan Allocation as revised
    1Construction or Renovation of Buildings2,07,00,000/-
    2Campus Development 25,00,000/-
    3Staff    NilNil
    4Books & Journals1,50,00,000/-
    5Laboratory Equipment and Infrastructure4,00,00,000/-
    6Annual Maintenance Contract30,00,000/-
    7Innovative Research Activities30,00,000/-
    8University Industry Linkages5,00,000/-
    9Extension Activities5,00,000/-
    10Cultural Activities5,00,000/-
    11Development of ICT75,00,000/-
    12Health Care25,00,000/-
    13Student Amenities Including Hostels75,00,000/-
    14Travel Grant40,00,000/-
    16Publication Grant10,00,000/-
    17Appointment of Visiting Professor/Visiting Fellows10,00,000/-
    18Establishment of Career and Counseling Cell15,00,000/-
    19Day Care Centers5,00,000/-
    20Basic Facilities for Women50,00,000/-
    21Faculty Development  Programme5,00,000/-
    23Human Rights and Duties Education5,00,000/-
    24Appointment/Honorarium of Guest part time Teachers25,00,000/-


    (Rs. Twelve corer fifty two lacs only)
  10. I.Q.A.C.
  11. I. A. Patel Shertha Visiting Professor Scheme
  12. Women’s Studies Centre, P. G. Department of Home Science
  13. Maintenance of A/c. of XI-Plan Pass all the bills/vouchers of above the Programme, maintain register and send to A/c section for onward payments. After the end of financial year, complete the Utilization Certificates, Expenditure Statement & Progress Reports of all Head wise Programme and send to the U.G.C., New Delhi each year for further grant.
  14. College circular for various U.G.C. scheme
  15. Centre for Indian Diaspora, P.G. Department of Sociology
  16. U.G.C. Matching Share grant
  17. Inviting of proposals of various Schemes/Programmes.
  18. UGC National Educational Test (NET)
  19. College Development Council
  20. Work Function of Purchase Section Under UGC Section :- 
    1. To prepare the list of brands of Chemicals / Glassware / Lab.  Apparatus from the Head & invite tenders by advertisement.
          After     proper procedures to complete the list of Rate Contract & distribute to the department. (FE/Syndicate)
    2. To invite the application for Registration of firm. An advertisement displays in the News Paper and prepares the list of firms after proper procedures and distributes the list to the Departments. (FE/Syndicate)
    3. To  make  AMC of Scientific Equipment / Xerox  Machine (FSMA)(25 Nos.) after completion proper procedures.
    4. After sanctioning the proposals to place the orders for the purchase of Chemicals/Lab Apparatus/Glassware for Basic Science Department. It would be Rs.250.00 lac budget (L.E.) every years for the purchase under R/C.
    5. To invite the tenders through advertise for the purchase of     equipment, which are costing above of Rs.5.00 lacs. After inviting     tenders, to prepare complete procedure, to put the purchase order, open the L.C., make the payment to the bank, & then adjustment he total entire amount of instrument. It would be 20 to 25 Nos. of  equipments during the year.
    6. If the purchase is above Rs.1.00 lac, the same is to be placed before the Scientific Equipment Committee. To call the     committee, prepare Agenda & minutes for F.E./Syndicate. After     then to put the orders to the firms & pass the bill for payment.
    7. Refund of EMD/Security Deposit of each purchased instruments.
    8. After opening LC, to send the documents (at about 8-10) to the Clearing Agent in the time bound period.
    9. If the cost of equipment above Rs.5.00 lacs, we may advertise for  the purchase and invite quotations and complete  the  procedure for  the purchase.
    10. Purchase of computers & peripherals under Central purchase Systems :-  
          We invite quotations from Registered firms, open the tenders, to make comparative statement and to pass the rates after completion the procedures. This rates are approved for 3 months and then to put the orders for computers on the proposals.
    11. Prepare the answers of audit Para for the purchase if any.
    12. To maintain the files of each Scientific Equipments separately, if the cost of equipment is above Rs.5.00 lacs and purchase from abroad.
    13. Procedure for Customs Duty Exemption Certificate: -
          To invite information in prescribed Proforma from the Science Department and send to DSIR, New Delhi.
    14. To invite quotation for Internet facility if necessary.
    15. All type of computerized work in English as well as Gujarati i.e.     Office Notes, Permission letters, Purchase orders, all kind of work of  L.C. & Agenda-Minutes of Scientific Equipment Purchase Committee, Item of Syndicate and F.E. Meeting, Rate Contract, Registration of Parties etc.
  21. Carry out the work of University Budget (Part – II – Plan Scheme & III– Earmarked funds) of the University and Annual Account of U.G.C. each year.

Name:Mr. T. C. Majmudar
Address:Deputy Registrar
Sardar Patel University
Vallabh Vidyanagar-388120
Phone:(02692) 226888

Staff Member & Workload

Sunil MacwanSenior Clerk
1. Five Year General Development Schemes
H.H.Chauhan &
Head Clerk
Junior Clerk

1. To prepare the list of brands of Chemicals / Glassware / Lab. Apparatus from the Head & invite tenders by advertisement
Manubhai M. MakwanaSenior Clerk
1. Work related to various Progarmmes - Special Assistance Progarmmes (SAP), Centre for Advance Studies (CAS), Innovative Progarmme, IBT-DBT Progarmme
Kanji M. DesaiSenior Clerk
  1. Inviting of proposals from time to time of Major Research Projects
  2. To take approval of selection committee for the selection of Research Fellow as well as approval of minutes Posts approved under Meritorious Research Fellows