Functions of the Academic Section

  1. To Prepare the Academic Calender  
  2. To conduct Meeting of the Various Academic Bodies
    1. Board of Studies ( Twice in a Year )
    2. Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research ( Once in a Year )
    3. Academic Council (Once in a Year)
    4. To prepare and circulate the Agenda and Minutes of the above mentioned bodies.
  3. Appointment of (through Syndicate)
    1. Faculty Deans
    2. Chairman Board of Study
    3. HOD of the Department 
  4. Students Admission to various courses
    1. PG  (Once in a Year : May –June)
    2. Centralize admission of B.Ed. programme through Central Admission committee (Once in a Year : June-July)
    3. External Courses (Once in a Year : June-September)
    4. M.Phil. (Once in a Year : June – July )
    5. Ph.D. (Twice in a Year : June-July & December – January)
    6. Conducting written test examination/Counselling sessions for M.Phil. and Ph.D. programme.
  5. Student  Enrolment / Registration
    1. Allotment of Student Unique Identity number (ID Number)
    2. Issuing Transfer Certificate (TC)
    3. Provisional Eligibility Certificate (PEC)
    4. Final Eligibility Certificate (FEC)
    5. M.Phil. / Ph.D. Registration 
  6. Teacher Approval and recognition
    1. UG/PG collage teachers approval
    2. Recognition as a Research Guide for M.Phil. and Ph.D. (Once in a Year : Nov-Dec)
  7. University Hostels Administration
    1. Appointment of Hostel Rector and Superintendent
    2. Admission to students in Hostel

Workload of Academic Section

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