Infrastructural facilities :
Five full fledged and well equipped sections viz, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Glass Blowing, and Vacuum to offer Repairs and Maintenance services for University affiliated Departments and Colleges.

Mechanical Workshop:
Workshop at USIC-Sardar Patel University is one of the best equipped workshops among all USIC's of India. It is facilitated by following machines and equipments to carry out almost any type of job required either for maintenance purpose or by a research scholar for the research activities.

List of various machines installed at the mechanical shop is as under.

(1) Eight lathe machines of different sizes and makes. One lathe machine is upgraded with DRO facility.
(2) Three Shaping Machines with 8", 12", and 24" Stroke length.
(3) Radial and Pillar Drilling machine.
(4) Universal Milling machine.
(5) Slotting machine with 9" stroke.
(6) Vertical, Pedestal and Tool grinder.
(7) 1 Ton Fly Press.
(8) Metal cutting Band saw.
(9) Wood cutting Band saw.
(10) Universal Pipe bending machine
(11) Argon Welding.
(12) Arc and Rectifier Welding.
(13) Vacuum Coating Unit for Thin Film Deposition of materials.

Electrical Section:
The Electrical section is equipped with all tools, equipments and instruments required to attend various jobs of Electrical Appliances, Equipments, Refrigeration systems, Ovens and furnaces. Following facility is readily available under this section.

(1) Motor winding facility up to 20 HP.
(2) Automatic Ceiling fan motor winding machine.
(3) Capability to fabricate ovens/furnaces required for R & D purposes.
(4) Facility to test High voltage breakdown of Insulation oil & winding wire.
(5) Gas charging panel for refrigeration systems.
(6) Locked rotor testing facility for AC motors.
(7) Refrigeration tool kit.
(8) Glowler machine for testing of DC armatures.


Electronics Section:
(1) Well equipped laboratory set-up to carry out the maintenance and repairing of almost all types of scientific, sophisticated, analytical, process control, test & measuring instruments.
(2) Well equipped Microprocessor, Microcontroller and PC-maintenance laboratory.
(3) Educational trainer kits for Process control demonstration, CRO, pH meter, Spectrophotometer, and Television demonstration kits.
(4) Test & Measuring instruments such as CRO, Multimeters, mv/ma source, IC Tester and Programmer, PCB designing software, PLC programmer, and LCR meter etc.

Glass Blowing:
(1) Glass blowing lathe machine
(2) Diamond cutter
(3) Different size of burners
(4) Quartz ampoule sealing facility

Laboratory Facility:
Department has ONE well equipped Practical Laboratory enriched with more than 30 Practical Boards and training Kits for educational purpose.

Library Facility :
Departmental Library consists of around 550 books along with Data manuals, Technical Magazines related to the field of Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Computers.


# USIC caters its services to other academic and non-academic institutes such as NDDB, IRMA, Gujarat Agricultural University, Amul Dairy, Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala, etc.
# Offers consultancy services for development of Microprocessor and Microcontroller based instruments.
# USIC with its well trained and experienced technical staff undertakes repairs of various instruments such as Bio-Medical, Process Control, Analytical, Vacuum, Test and measuring, Electrical Equipments etc.