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Jobs For M.Sc. (Statistics)

Sr No.Nature of JobsSr No.Nature of Jobs
1Accountants20Remote Sensing Scientists and Technologists
2Actuaries21Statistical Assistants
3Architectural and Engineering Managers22Statisticians
4Bioinformatics Scientists23Survey Researchers
5Biostatisticians24Senior Statistician
6Budget Analysts25Data Engineer
7Business Intelligence Analysts26University Academic Fellow in Statistics
8Climate Change Analysts27Medical Statistician
9Clinical Data Managers28Statistics Researcher
10Clinical Research Coordinators29Business Analyst
11Computer Systems Analysts30Government Statistical Service
12Cost Estimators31Data Scientist
13Credit Analysts32Indian Statistical Service
14Dietitians and Nutritionists33Assistant Professors in Medical Colleges
15Economists34Statistician in Corporate Medical Hospitals
16Financial Analysts35District Statistical Officers
17Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists36Statisticians at Road Transport Corporations
18Mathematicians37Statistical Product and Process Control  Technicians
19Operations Research Analysts

Statistics essentially involves putting mathematics to scientific use in the form of data comparison, analysis, and presentation. Statisticians use this knowledge to design, collect, and interpret data experiments surrounding many different fields of industry. This includes fields of economics, medicine, psychology, marketing, public health, biology, sports, and others. Even military considerations take statistical procedures for approval of certain strategies and sanctions.
Statisticians use sampling techniques to determine sizes of relative populations and demographics. This process is achieved by surveying portions of large groups. They determine the size of group samples and the methods for carrying these samples out. This includes stylizing the instructions and questions to be used in surveys. Finally, statisticians summarize, analyze, and interpret the resultant data.
Statisticians are also heavily involved in the development of products and quality factors. They often work for automobile, pharmaceutical, or computer software companies in trial testing and product evaluation. Apart from development, statisticians are also involved with the manufacturing, asset, liability, and risk management, and marketing departments of firms.
Most government organizations and agencies hire statisticians to evaluate population, demographic, and economic measurements. Many other environmental, scientific, and agricultural agencies hire statisticians for similar type of work in their respective fields. Even national defense organizations hire statisticians to assess weapons and strategy effectiveness.
Different job titles exist for different statistical specializations. Biostatisticians and epidemiologists are two examples of job titles within the health industry. Econometricians work in areas involving economic research and data.


Most statistical jobs require at least a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics. More advanced academic research in statistics require at least a higher-level institution requires a master’s degree and Ph.D. in the same field. Entry-level jobs in other areas of research, such as industrial, require many experienced years of work and study.
Qualification for statistician jobs in the Federal Government requires a bachelor’s degree with certain accredited hours in statistics and mathematics. To be a mathematical statistician in the Government requires a total of twenty-four hours in combined statistics and mathematics, with particular concern for differential equations, vector analysis, and calculus. Numerous schools have degrees and necessary course available in these areas of research. Statistical majors usually require courses in probability theory, calculus, and statistical methods and modeling. This is in addition to the algebra, mathematical design, and analysis courses usually incorporated in the undergraduate program.
Around 140 schools of higher learning offer master’s degrees in statistics, while around 90 offer doctoral degrees. Numerous schools have upper-level and graduate level statistic courses in economics, engineering, business, education, and psychology. Although undergraduate training is not required for acceptance, graduate programs prefer students to have had prior mathematical training. Statistics are used widely in computer programs, and thus computer science training is also beneficial. For jobs involving product quality management, training physical science and engineering may be required. Any area of health science training is helpful to move into pharmaceutical jobs, and business or economics education is good for business analysis, forecasting, and market research.
Having strong interpersonal skills will also help statisticians in communicating technical concerns to people unfamiliar with specific programs. For those working in the private sector, a general knowledge of business and economics is highly beneficial. Entry-level statisticians work under supervision but are soon likely to advance on to greater responsibility jobs. These promotions or advancements are greatest for those with graduate degrees in the respective fields.


Over the course of the next decade, job growth is likely to decline. Many opportunities should nonetheless be open to job seekers with the appropriate degree. Instead of having a typical statistician job profile, however, these workers may instead work in analysis areas for science, computer, and business fields. Although job growth is not likely to expand, opportunities are still afforded through employee turnovers and career transfers.
The most qualified candidates for jobs are those with a graduate education in statistics relating to finance, engineering, computer science, and biology. The National government has many openings for statisticians within its different departments, and these jobs are considered to be highly competitive due to their lower expectation requirements for beginner jobs. Those certified with the State are usually able to find high school teaching positions.
Statisticians work for manufacturing firms in areas such as aircraft, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals. A pharmaceutical firm may employ a statistician to evaluate drug efficiency. A motor vehicle company may hire statistician for quality control purposes in testing automobiles. They may also work with scientists and engineers in researching and analyzing new product development. Many software firms also hire statisticians for quality control and software development.
Businesses work with statisticians in evaluating overall business-run efficiency and profit. Statisticians in this field also offer consulting services to another business. Generally, statisticians ought to have current computer skills and awareness, including programming and software equipment.

Jobs For M.Sc. (QPM)

M.Sc. (QPM) is a specialized design need based course which attract graduates from all disciplines to make their career in three different areas
  1. Computer Applications (Trained Oracle 11g, MSEXEL, MINITAB, SPSS) such Data Base Management and Data Analysis.
  2. Statistics Applications( Trained in Business Statistics, Data, Data Mining, Operations Research, Six Six Methodology)  such as Big Data Analysis, Business Analytics, Risk Management, Inventory Control and Management, Six Sigma Audit and Implementation etc.
  3. Management Science(Management of Productivity, Data Base Management, Market Research, Total Quality Management, Total Quality Human Resource Management) jobs, Production Manager, HR Manager, Manager-Quality, Market Research Executive, Field Officer etc.

MQPM (M.Sc. (QPM)) graduates  are working with following Designations

Production ManagerAssistant Manger(Quality)ISO Implementer
Six Sigma ImplimentorTrainee EngineerSix Sigma Trainee
Data AnalystConsultantMgt. Representative
Data Management AssociateISO ConsultantQ/C Trainee
Statistical AnalystISO Execution Engineer Process Associates
Field SurveyorField ManagerResearch Associates
Trainee EngineerISO Execution EngineerRelation Manager
Field ExecutiveProject CoordinatorAssociate Consultant Lean Co-Ordinator
ISO ConsultantBusiness Development ExecutiveAnalyst
Business AssociatesExecutive MPPQ/C In-charge
Executive ProductionProcess AssociatesAuditor
Executive OpexProcess AssociatesProcesses Improvement
QC OfficerProcess AssociateQ/A
ConsultantQA ExecutivePlant In-charge
Production Coordinator QA Executive Six Sigma Consultant
SPC Engineer  QC OfficerLead Auditor
Executive QAProject Coordinator ISO Auditor
Process AssociatesQA ExecutiveQuality Controller
Q/C TraineeDesignationISO Implementer
Quality Control In-chargeQuality Control ExecutiveQuality Control In-charge
Q/A TraineeResearch AssociatesQuality Control In-charge
Quality Control In-chargePlant In-chargeISO Auditor
Quality Control ExecutiveQuality Control In-chargeLead Auditor
Quality Control In-chargeQuality Control ExecutiveResearch Associates
Quality Control In-chargeResearch AssociatesQuality Auditor

Jobs In USA(Advertised in ASQ site)
  • Pharmaceutical –Regulatory Quality Manager.
  • Advanced Quality Engineer
  • Quality & Patient Safety Manager
  • Quality Engineer

Quality Assurance Manager

  • Manager, Quality Assurance AVMRO
  • Quality Systems Supervisor
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Part Time Internship: Data Analysis

Quality Program Manager

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Regulatory Compliance Specialist
  • QA Manager
  • Quality Investigation Analyst
  • Senior Quality Engineer - Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Healthcare Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Chief Population Health and Quality Officer
  • QC-Quality Control Inspector -- Manufacturing/ Machine Shop
  • Director, Quality
  • Senior Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Staff Engineer, Quality
  • Automotive Supply Site Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts and Black Belts
  • Quality Manager

Senior Manager, GMP/ GDP Audits

  • Quality Assurance Analyst III
  • Vendor Contact Field Representative (Quality Field Inspector)
  • Quality Technician
  • Risk Management Staff Position
  • Precast Quality Control Manager
  • Concrete Estimator
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Material & Logistics Manager
  • RN - Quality EMR/ Systems Analyst
  • Risk Management Director (Patient Safety Officer)
  • Associate Steel Inspector
  • Life Safety Technician
  • RN - Quality EMR/ Systems Analyst
  • Director of Quality Management/ Performance
  • Analyst - Transportation Operations
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