2006 - 2007

Research Publications 2006-2007

01. Structure and collective dynamics of liquid Sodium
      V. N. Patel, P. B. Thakor, B. Y. Thakore, P. N. Gajjar & A. R. Jani
      Condensed Matter Physics (Ukraine) 9(4), 741-746 (2006)

02. Thermodynamic properties of aluminium at high temperatures and pressures using local
       pseudopotential with mean-field potential approach: a comparative study.
       N. K. Bhatt, P. R. Vyas, A. R. Jani and V. B. Gohel.
       Indian Journal of Physics 80(7), 707-717 (2006)

03. Structure of some 4f Rare Earth Liquid Metals –A charged hard sphere approach.P. B. Thakor, P. N.
      Gajjar and A. R. Jani.
      Commun. Theor. Phys. 46, 337-242 (2006)

04 Electronic transport property of Li-Ga alloys.
     Manjul Kumar, P. N. Gajjar, B. Y. Thakore & A. R. Jani
     Solid State Physics (India) 51, 713 (2006)

05. Long wavelength limits of the structure factors of some simple liquid metals.
      P. B. Thakore, V. N. Patel, B. Y. Thakore, P. N. Gajjar and A. R. Jani.
      Solid State Physics (India) 51, 375 (2006)

06. High pressure P-V relation and Gruneisen parameter for elemental strontium.
      P. R. Vyas, V. B. Gohel, N. K. Bhatt and A. R. Jani.
      Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics 45, 82 (2007)

07. PEC behaviour of mixed single crystals of tungsten sulphoselenide grown by a CVT technique
      D.N. Gujarathi, G.K. Solanki, M.P. Deshpande, & M.K. Agarwal
      Solar Energy Materials & Solar cells 90 (2006) 2630-2639

08. Growth and structural studies of zirconium trisulphide single crystals
       K.R. Patel, J.H. Prajapati, Rajiv Vaidya, Mehul Dave and S. G. Patel
       Indian Journal of Physics

09. Performance Evaluation of MoSe2 PEC solar cells
      Deepa Makhija, R.J. Pathak, K.D.Patel, V.M.Pathak and R.Srivastava,
      Prajna-Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 14, (2006) 104-107.

Research Publications 2006-2007

10. Characteristic Parameters of MoSe2 PEC solar cells
       Deepa Makhija, T.S.Maniar, R.J. Pathak, K.D.Patel, V.M.Pathak and R.Srivastava,
       Prajana-Journal of Pure and Applied Science (Communicated).

11. Infrared spectroscopy of the iodine inclusion compounds of three (a, b and g ) cyclodextrins
      Mukesh Patel, Mehul Dave, K. R. Patel, S. G. Patel and A. T. Oza
      Prajna-J. Pure & App. Sciences, 14, 117-128, 2006

12. Infrared spectra of some ternary CT complexes based on benzidine as donor
      Ashok Patel, Parimal Trivedi and A. T. Oza
      Ind. J. Phys. (Calcutta, India), Ind. J. Phys. Vol. 80, pp. 1201-1207, 2006.

13. Theoretical calculations of the total and ionization cross sections for electron impact on some
      simple bio-molecules
      Minaxi Vinodkumar”, K.N. Joshipura, Chetan Limbachiya and Nigel
      Mason, Phys. Rev. A 74, 022721 (2006)-USA

14. Electron scattering and ionization of NO, N2O, NO2, NO3 and N2O5 molecules- theoretical cross
      K. N. Joshipura, Sumona Gangopadhyay and B. G. Vaishnav,  J.Physics B 40, 199 (2007) UK

15. Electron impact ionization cross sections of plasma relevant and astrophysical
      silicon compounds: SiH4, Si2H6, Si(CH3)4, SiO, SiO2, SiN and SiS”
      K. N. Joshipura, B. G. Vaishnav and Sumona Gangopadhyay, Int. J. Mass Spectrom 261 146 (2007)

16. Variable phase calculations on e-H2 and e-CO scattering processes
       Sumona Gangopadhyay, P. C. Vinodkumar and K. N. Joshipura
       Prajna- SPU Journal of pure and applied sciences 14, 108, 2006

17. Modelling electron interactions: A semi-rigorous method
      M. Vinodkumar,K. N. Joshipura and N. J. Mason
     Acta Physica slovaca 56, 521(2006)- Bratislava, Slovak Republic

18. Properties of Bc meson in a variational scheme
      Ajay K. Rai and P C Vinodkumar
      Pramana J Phys. Vol. 66(2006)953-958.

Research Publications 2006-2007

19. Low lying hadronic states in relativistic harmonic model
      Ajaykumar Rai, J N Pandya, P C Vinodkumar
      Ind.J.Phys.80 (2006)387-392

20. Multiquark states as dihadronic molecules
      Ajaykumar Rai, J N Pandya, P C Vinodkumar
      Nucl. Phys. A782(2007)406c (Elsevier).

21. Decay rates of quarkonia in the NRQCD formalism
      J N Pandya, Ajaykumar Rai, P C Vinodkumar
      ArXiv : hep-ph/0701026v1, Jan 2007.

22. Spectroscopy of open Flavour Hadrons: Present Status
       P C Vinodkumar,  Proc.DAE-BRNS Symp. on Nucl. Phys. Vol. 51(2006)193-197.

23. Charmed and Beauty Baryon in hyper Central Model.
       Bhavin Patel, Ajaykumar Rai, P C Vinodkumar; 
       Proc.DAE-BRNS Symp. on Nucl. Phys. Vol. 51(2006)509- 510.

24. Decay constants and wave function of Quarkonia
      Ajaykumar Rai, P C Vinodkumar;
      Proc.DAE-BRNS Symp. on Nucl. Phys. Vol. 51(2006)513-514.

25. Sensitivity of Neutron star properties with nuclear matter compressibility and symmetry terms’
      C J Chammasheril and P C Vinodkumar
      Proc.DAE-BRNS Symp. on Nucl. Phys. Vol. 51(2006)563-564.

26. Interaction of Electromagnetic wave with Human Head at Different Telecommunication
      Bhavin Patel and P C Vinodkumar, Prajna Jnl. Pure & Appl. Scie. Vol 14(2006)129-139.

27. Symmetry- The beauty of Nature & Physics – the study of Nature’
       P C Vinodkumar
       Bulletin of the Society for advancement of Physics Education 1(2006)10.

28. Modeling through Dimensional Analysis: An Interesting Tool for Interdisciplinary Application’
      P C Vinodkumar and K P Subramanian
      ISAMP News Letter, Vol. II Issue 3, p 7-12, Aug 2006.