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  • I can not forget the time we spent in the Department. The sweet memories come flashing back to my mind when Dr. S. S. Sail was my Head of the Department. His vast knowledge, dedication and hard work is an example which one must follow. I can never forget or wish to forget the great stalwart who has helped in developing the theory and practicals in Foods and Nutrition and Food Biotechnology.
  • Even after he retired, the department continued to flourish in the same pace under the efficient and dynamic person Dr. Rema Subhash.Being a Ph.D. student under the guidance of Dr. Vinayak Patel, I feel Dr. Sail is still present in the department in his form who is guiding me always.
  • The department has got many projects and has enough funds to equip itself with the latest and advanced equipments. Working in such an atmosphere is pleasant and I wish the department all the success in it’s march towards progress.

Dr. Bhavana Chauhan, I/C Principal, S. M. Patel College of Home Science, V.V. Nagar

  • I browse through the university web site whenever I get time. It brings back happy memories of my 2 year study at the department.

Ms. Madhavi chaturvedi (Nursing, USA)

  • I have found memories of the Department and my friends as a student during M.Sc. and later as a PhD student. I am happy to feel the growth of the department.

Dr. Bharat Patel, Professor, Department of Foods and Nutrition, ASPEE College of Home Science, S.D Agricultural University, Sardarkrushinagar-385 506

  • The department has been instrumental in polishing my practical skill and I will always be indebtedto the P.G. Department of Home science for this.

Dr. Gayatree jadeja, Lecturer, Anand Agricultural University, Anand.