From the Desk of the Head

From the Desk of Head

Welcome to the Department of History!

Ours is one of the oldest departments in Gujarat. It was established in 1958 as Dr. Arya Ramchandra G. Tiwari as its founder Head and Reader. At present there are three teachers in the Department. Well-qualified, experienced, dedicated faculty (all teachers hold Ph.D. degree) is a strong point of the Department.Though small, the Department is vibrant with academic programmes, seminars, conferences, outreach programmes, expert lecturers, and research publications.The Department offers M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. Keeping in view the vision of the University, the Department offers courses on Agrarian, Rural, Tribal, and Village history (emphasis on local history): the only Department to offer such courses.It is also the only Department in Gujarat that offers courses in contemporary Indian history (till CE 2000) and in ancient Indian history.The course is designed in such a way that the students at the very least have a fair idea of history of modern world, a good idea of history of India, and thorough knowledge of recent times of their own region.More than 80% of our students come from socially and economically unprivileged classes and the Department is proud to caters to the needs of these disadvantageous groups. The Department insists on fieldwork: visit to historical monuments, archaeological sites, historical places and archives to strengthen classroom teaching of history.The Department also runs इतिह (‘Itih’) wall-magazine to publicise latest discoveries related to history. Students enthusiastically participate in it.

I strongly recommend you to be part of this Department.

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