Feedback & Helpdesk

Student Feedback Analyses Report

  1. As per students feedback about accessibility of teacher during and after class hours majority (75%) of students reported that all teachers are accessible during working hours.
  2. With regard to enthusiasm of teacher in class room most of them are found enthusiasm.
  3. All students reported that their teachers helpful in suggesting required additional reading. Similarly all teachers are found regular in engaging their respective classes.
    Again all students are found competent in explaining concept and facts very clearly. Expect few of all students reported that their teacher make learner feel welcome in seeking help or advice.
    Similarly teachers are also found relating knowledge to real-world situation.
    Larger majority of students reported that their teacher encourage them for participating in class room discussion and raised questions and reply the same meaningfully.

Course related feedback:

With regards to syllabus most of the students reported that the course duly completed as well as time time table arrangement provide enough flexibility for self learning. Students also reported that their teachers prepared materials for lectures and fully explain the same. Majority of students also reported that methods of evaluating students work are fair and appropriate.


Most of the students also said that their interest in subject has increased as a consequence of the course-class. Similarly their performance in test and seminar are discuss with in  reasonable time period.


Large majority of students of the department said learning resources like computers, library and equipments available to the students are up-to-date. They also admitted their participation in extra-curricular activities in encouraged. Large majority of them also reported that office staff is quite attentive to matters of administration, scholarship fees, etc. promptly.