From the Desk of the Head

From the Desk of the Head

It is my immense pleasure & privilege to serve the Gujarati Department as it's 8th head of the Department. My duty is to maintain our strengths, aspirations and to advance the university's goals and its position as one of the Gujarat's leading institution of knowledge. I am committed towards securing our reputation and working hard to ensure that my department's students get an excellent and integral education. I feel passionate about Gujarati department a place for exceptional students who want to learn, discover, think and perform. 

For nearly 6 decades the Gujarati department has served as one of the premier academic department. It has been led by a distinguished line of head of the department including Prof. J.K. Patel, Prof. Jashvant Patel, Prof. Pramodkumar Patel, Prof. Jayant Gadit, Prof. Naresh ved, Prof. Manilal Patel, Prof. Bhagirath Brahmbhatt.  The Department is fortunate to have a very strong and proficient leadership of the eminent scholars, critics and creative writers as a head. Our professors including Jayendra Patel, Param Pathak, Ramesh Chaudhari, and Sudha Chauhan are well qualified and dedicated in advancing knowledge for the common welfare.

The department has offered M.A. program since 1958, providing the opportunity for graduates to undertake study in the field of literature and language, the wide range of papers offered maintains the spirit of our rural development aimed university. New papers introduced such as Art of film appreciation, Indian and world literature, I.C.T., stylistics, comparative literature, sociology of literature, life enrichment course etc. We offered creative writing, art of film appreciation to develop creative abilities. We know that social involvement is a new dimension to education so we have introduced ?Sociology of Literature?. ?Comparative Literature? and ?World Literature? have been introduced to provide global view for research. We believe in value based education so ?Life Enrichment Course? included in syllabus. We strive to prepare our students for NET/SLET Exam. I'm proud to announce that our 49 students passed NET and 22 students achieved JRF during last five years.

Our department is a Gateway of the research field. Student can enter in the research field through this gateway. A large number of Ph.D and M.Phil. Students   associated with Comparative Study, Diasporic Literature, Folklore & Gujarati Folk Literature, Medieval Literature etc subjects. The focus of research activity in the department is SAP DRS Phase-I research project, funded by U.G.C.  It will study the history of research activities in Gujarati literature. We hope project report will result in both a new perspectives on research activities and on history writing.

Many scholars have been hosted in the department from outside and inside of Gujarat state including Prof. Sitanshu Mehta, Prof. Satyadev Tripathi, Amrut Gangar, Dr. Diptiben Tripathi (Director of National Manuscript Mission), Aasami Poet Kamalkar, Bengali female Poet Naboditadeb Sen, Marathi Female Poet Jyoti Rav, Prof. Satish Vyas, Prof. Chandrakant Topiwala, Prof. Suman Shah, Diptiben shah, Shri Kanubhai Jani, Dr. Chandrakant Sheth etc.  

We want to establish a book club. Through our book club, we will promote the love for reading. Student will be able to read minimum 10 books during vacation. These books will be carefully chosen by the faculty to create diverse reading habits in the students and to complement the students' upcoming course curricula. We will encourage them to be lifelong readers and writers.
Today the historical evolution of humanities is big challenge in our age. Teaching and learning to multidiscipline is become challengable today. We have to develop the centrality of the humanities to the quest for knowledge and societal advancement. So focus on the future plans of our department is to encourage and facilitate multidisciplinary research work. We will accomplish this goal by our love for literature, for our dedication towards the department and to pay respect to the university.