Facilities in the Department 

Language Laboratory and Recording Studio 

Thanks to a funding of Rs.7 lac sanctioned to us by the UGC under the X-Plan, a 40-booth Language Laboratory and a sound-proof recording studio was established within it during the X-Plan and is operational today. The Library of Sound was merged with the language laboratory after it was set up. 

This currently houses 4 tape recorders; 1 large TV set; 1 three-in-one, consisting of a VCD Player, an Audio CD Player, and a Radio; 3 overhead projectors in working condition with screens and stands; 1 public address system; 12 audio cassettes in poets’ voices, both American and English; 30 plays of Shakespeare on gramophone records; 2 cosmic gramophone record players which we have had since the early 1980s excluding the speakers and tape recorder which we have given to the Humanities Office for playing cassettes with prayers recorded on them every morning; 2 LCD projectors one of which is meant exclusively for SCOPE and has to be surrendered when we cannot run it any more; 1 mini slide projector; CDs and DVDs for Teaching English Language; CDs and DVDs with Encyclopaedia, Dictionaries etc on them; 2 amplifiers; various language courses on gramophone records; gramophone record players; courses on audio cassettes; audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs etc; and 1 electronic camera. 

We use the language laboratory quite frequently for imparting training in courses in English Language and Linguistics, English Language Teaching in Higher Education, for the Government of Gujarat initiated SCOPE Programme, and to arrange for educational film shows etc.

Library Facilities

Bhaikaka (University) Library

Bhaikaka Library has a rich collection of 30,000 books in the English section among the 2.90 lac books it holds. Our Reading Room has 11 reputed journals on English language and literature. In addition to this, we have a collection called the Emerson Library (housed in the Bhaikaka Library) with nearly 3000 books gifted to us by the USIS from time to time in the past.

Departmental Library 

The Departmental Library was launched with 60 classical English texts and nearly 50 texts donated by the British Council and the British Library, Ahmedabad respectively. It has a good collection of nearly 6000 texts, reference books etc. Thanks to the funds at our disposal, courtesy our MA (SF) Programme, the grants sanctioned by the UGC during various Plan Periods, and the two Phases of the UGC SAP-DRS: completed Phase-I and the ongoing Phase-II, and RUSA Grant, we have made numerous additions. 

The Departmental Library has a reading room furnished with 40 wooden chairs and 10 large wooden tables for students to sit in the library and read books. We do not lend books from the Departmental Library to the students the way we did earlier because we found that many students in the past batches had either misplaced or lost them, or forgot to return them to the library.

Computer Laboratory 

We have a Computer Laboratory with 12 PCs created for the exclusive use of the students in the Department, with some of them needing repairs and some replacement. Each of the 6 members of the faculty including the Head has been provided with a separate PC in his respective office chamber. Besides these, we have 1 computer for the Project Fellow, 1 computer in the Departmental Library for library records, and 1 computer meant for the exclusive use of our clerical staff for maintaining administrative records.