Department Profile


To impart education and training of national standard and keep striving towards excellence to reach our ultimate goal of meeting international standard in Communication and Media Studies.


The Department seeks to work towards
  • Catering to the region for which this Department was created in our rural-based University
  • Bringing about changes in our curricula, teaching and learning processes, materials, modes of evaluation from time to time in reaching national and international standards
  • Adding newer areas of knowledge, both the current and the upcoming, from time to time in order to strengthen Communication and Media Studies
  • Establishing linkages with other academic institutions of importance at the national and international levels in order to facilitate a free-flow of knowledge
  • Fostering close association with our alumni and interfacing with the industry for mutual benefit

History of the Department

1.Professor Rajnikant P Patel15.06 200514.06.2007
2.Professor Daya Shankar Mishra06.11.198829.06.2008
3.Professor Javed Hussain Khan 01.07.2008 onwards