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URVASHI PATEL (Microbiology 1997-1999)

I enriched my education by studying M.Sc (Microbiology) at Dept. of Biosciences during the year of 1997 – 1999, under the excellent teaching and guidance of Dr. Datta Madamwar, Dr.K.C.Patel, Dr. Ujjaval Trivedi, and Ms. Amita. It was a golden period of my life, and I learned a lot of important lessons in life apart from education during this 2 years. I had great professors, classmates and the most pleasant study environment.

At present, I am in New York, USA. I completed MS (Medical Microbiology) in NY and now I am working for a food company (Carousel Foods of America, Inc.) as QC/R&D Director since last 3 years. Life in New York is too fast and is getting more and more competitive each day. I am grateful to the professors and staff of Dept. of Bioscience for making me capable to rise to this level and to be able to successfully compete in order to make my living today.

Dept. of Bioscience offers a wide variety of subjects (Microbiology, Genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, Industrial Micro, etc.) and that’s what makes its students more powerful and more competitive wherever they go throughout the world.  To me studying in India (especially at Sardar Patel University) is more interesting and more challenging than anywhere else, since it covers wider range of each subject. I am proud to say that I was a Bioscience Dept. student once. At present, the Bioscience Dept. have completely changed (I am guessing just by looking at the pictures on this website) and getting more advanced and all of you (the whole staff) are REALLY doing a great job, please keep it up. Good Luck!! Also, thanks a lot for creating this website, it feels so good and feels LIKE HOME just surfing through it. Good job!!

Urvashi Patel
New York 11590, USA

Pinal Pandya Microbiology 1998-2000

I was MSc. student in microbiology from 1998 to 2000. I sure wasnt an outstanding student but the knowledge that i acquired in those 2 years is the basis of my education today. I learnt so much from the professor and staff of the department. Today i am doing PhD in radiobiology in Loma Linda University, California. Here when i talk about certain things, people get amazed how much i know! And how do i know so much about so many things! Not that i am expert in everything but atleast i know theories of certain experiments. The practical knowledge that i obtained from the teachers is still useful in my research.  We had lot of fun too, with the garba nite, youth festival, annual function, antakshari competition, undhiya party, the list goes on and on......... Seriously, we had a blast!!!   it was the best place to be!!! I am very proud that i am a  part of the ever growing bioscience family. Also i love how we have a website and that it is  getting technologically advanced.

Pinal Pandya
working towards PhD in Radiobiology
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda , CA- 92354
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Dr Beena Patel Microbiology 1987 to 1993

I am Research Scientist (Sr. Microbiologist) at Kibow Biotech Inc. a small, NIH funded research and Development Company in Philadelphia PA 19104, USA. Kibow Biotech Inc. is a nutraceutical company formulating a microbial product for chronic kidney disease patients. The Company plans to develop such products independently and through collaborative arrangements with major companies. I am, a small spin-off of company that I run to develop and optimized microbial dietary supplement for uremia therapy.

I am very happy with the education I received Ph D from SPU (1987- 1993), which kept me with the current trends in scientific world. There is no way to express how much this program means to me. It is a lifetime dream that has come true.

When I visited the Biosciences Department in 2002, I really had such a good time, and I am so happy to see all new changes occurred as far as improvement of laboratory facility, new program, most of the labs have all the necessary facility that basic research scientist need to get hands on to develop innovation studies. I believe this improvement is helpful for current student to have opportunities to participate in a process of professional development.

The quality of education you receive as a student makes all the work well worth it. I believe, the professors that make Department of Biosciences superior to others, as they are exceptionally knowledgeable and professional. My advisor and professors treated me like a colleague.

Special thanks must go to my advisor Dr. IL Kothari, Dr. JD Patel, Dr. Dutta Madhamwar, Dr RM Ray and my research colleague Dr. Ujjval Trivedi. I wanted to say thanks to all Biosciences team, who directly or indirectly helped me during my education. Once again, thanks to you all and my best wishes for the future.

With very best regards and enormous thanks.
Beena patel
Sr. Microbiologist

Poonam Ramakant Microbiology 1994-96

I was a student of M.Sc( Microbiology) during the years 1994-96 and was very fortunate to participate in this program as a student.I am now a teacher and have used my own lessons I was taught at the university. In the department, I studied all the theories, but now I could put it into practice to see what was a good fit for both my students and me.I enjoyed learning at the department so much that I have made a real effort to become part of the teaching community.Studying at the department was an exciting time for me...just the idea of going to the deprtment was a thrill.It made me want to learn more and gave me the training to do so.Would I have had the opportunity to do all the things I have done without my M.Sc degree?  Probably
not.  I owe a lot to the Faculty of microbiology and the University, that’s for sure.”

Contact: Poonam kumar

Vishal Shah: Microbiology 1995-2000

An institution that provides an ideal environment for THE OVERALL development of personality is a dream of a student.  One may find great campus that makes you informative on a given subject or on other hand colleges that makes you an extra curricular expert. In my opinion, PG Department of Biosciences, is one of that places that is right in the center, fulfilling the defintion of a PERFECT QUADRANGLED DEPARTMENT.
In my 5 years with the department, each and every day was a curve upwards.  Studying or doing research, the department thought me what it is to be a part of a team.  While each and every memory I have is a moment that shines out bright, This mail is to thank all the teachers and staff members of the department for helping me in being what I am.

Youth festivals or Volcano festivals, Symposium or Annual day, Debates or Dramas, Exams or Seminars, Theories or Practicals - only PG Department of Biosciences, SPU can teach  - Encourage to be Encouraged, Respect to get Respected, Trust to be Trusted and Believe in the Belief that you are the Best.

Vishal Shah

Dharmesh Patel: Biotechnology 2001-2003

I had joined Department of Biosciences in May,2001 as a student of M.Sc. Biotechnology. It was really great experience to be a student of Iron man’s University and especially a student of Department of Biosciences. Being a Biotechnology student I got opportunity to explore all the different areas of Biological Sciences with the help of knowledgeable professors of the department. I found all teachers of Department of Biosciences are really nice and best in their respective fields. I am thankful to all of them to provide me opportunity to grow in science and reach up to the position where I am today!
Present Position:   Working for PhD in Neuroscience,

                            Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience,
                            National Brain Research Centre,
                            Manesar, Gurgaon 122050
                            Contact: :

Minal Patel: Microbiology 1999-2001

When ever I fill up some slam books and it asks for the most MEMORABLE DAY of my life, I could never answer that as I have got 2 YEARS in Bioscience Department which were incredible and I will never forget those years.

When I joined the department I had some weird feelings and I didn’t have any expectations to learn or enjoy anything. But as the days passed I learned so much and enjoyed so much that I had same expectations from my University at Sydney and I didn’t get it here. There was such a highly competitive and friendly environment in the Department that it made me to study hard and learn more. I still miss and remember my days there and what I miss specially is my FACULTY.  I have learned many different subjects there. And the subjects were taught in such a detail that when I came to Sydney I never studied and still I got high distinctions in every exam. Practical knowledge gained from the department is also being very helpful to me and now I have developed very good trouble shooting skills in Microbiology.

Along with the studies, there were lots of things to enjoy.  Garba, undhiya party, annual day function and most wonderful was the youth festival.

I would like to thank my FACULTY for giving such vast knowledge and co-operation. I am really grateful to all my teachers.

Right now I am working at NALCO, American company at Sydney and using all my skills and knowledge, which I have got from the department of Biosciences.

At last I want to thank the whole department and also S.P. University for everything I have got from there. I am really proud being an Alumni of such a nice department and of course the University.


Rasna Goswami(Microbiology:Aug'99-May-01)

My years in the Department of Biosciences was just incredible. I would say one of the best years i have spent in my school life.I had good minds to impart knowledge to us and we were in the best of hands in that department.I loved the atmosphere and the competiton i felt in the department.It was the creame that was brought in there and i was lucky to be a part of it and loved every momoent of it.

Microbiology is now one of the most advanced feild for students to opt for with its roots all over the world,and i got such an extensive on hand experience in the departent that today i feel confident enough to work in any place with perfect knowledge about the procedure.Microbiology department is the most diverse of all ,with its diverse courses offered all round the years.I had gained knowledge in courses like enzymology,Immunology,Bio-chemistry,Genetics,Industrial,etc.

Department of Biosciences is not just a place to enhance your education but I also got an opportunity to shine in various aspects of sports and other folk activities too by participating in Cricket tournament,Youth Festival,Annual Day celebrations,Talent Evening, Undhiyu party,etc.Its a perfect blend of knowledge and entertainment.I am not just a studious nerd but a person with all the aspects of life and feel that i could gain it there and enjoy it at the time.The professors are friendly and you could talk to them about anything and everything and they are they for you at any time of the day when you need them.

Overall,my experience at the Department of Bioscience have been really great and i am sure so would all the students that passed before me and all that are yet to become part of it will feel when they leave.Today being an alumini of it I really miss the atmosphere and would love to be a part of it any time if they would need me.

I am currently in NY,US working as a Research Assistant in Cornerstone Pharmceuticals that are mainly concered on exploring the cure for Cancer.Its fun and the transition is great but i owe my knowledge to the Department.

       Rasna Goswami

Ami Patel, (Microbiology 1997-1999)

The time I'd spend at the Department of Biosciences was truly a memorable one. Students from various research areas, ethnicity and interest gather under one roof to bring out the best in everyone. The extensive coursework in microbiology is designed to integrate theoretical knowledge into practical applications and covers everything from molecular biology to enzyme technology. The department offers student a first hand experience to work on exciting research projects in the top research facilities around the country. Besides being a "nerd", if you are a cultural/sports enthusiast don't worry. You'd get plenty of chance to prove your credentials during annual day celebrations, youth festival and many other cultural activities that goes around year long. This department believes in "Work Hard, Play Harder" and everyone supports the notion.

This department was a base on which I've developed my career. It has given me everything I needed to learn very selflessly and the awesome faculty has encouraged and supported me all along. The department is like a community coming together as a family and I am grateful to every one of them for their support. I am proud to be a Bioscience Alumni.

If you want a truly memorable experience among others, to take along with you: Don't miss the annual "UNDHIYA" party held at the Botanical Garden. J

Currently, I am working on my PhD in Plant Microbiology and Pathology at University of Missouri-Columbia. My work in related more towards study of gene expression and regulation in Arabidopsis. If anyone from the department is interested in coming to Mizzou, I will be glad to help them out with their queries. The department of Microbiology is highly recognized and is oriented more towards immunology. Also we have very good program in biochemistry and biological sciences.

Ami Patel,
Biosciences Alumni
My contact: