Vision & Mission


Integral Development and growth of an individual through an in depth study and understanding of life, as a result of the true synthesis of all encompassing information, native purpose of learning and the wisdom, enabling one to attain perfection and transformation into an enlightened being.


To bring to the students and the staff an opportunity to arrive at the understanding of the fundamental principles of Integral Education in the Light of Sri Aurobindo, the prophet of modern philosophy, and the founder of National Education Concept.

Establishment: 24th November, 1995.

The chair undertakes activities for the students, the staff and their families that help them in strengthening a contact with their inner self which so often is fragmentary and try to relate the 'outer knowledge' with the 'inner illumination'.

This includes organizing participatory and inspiring Workshops, Swadhyay Sessions, Study Tours and Lectures, Symposia, Training Programmes, Youth Camps, Shibirs, Seminars, Exhibitions and other activities.