Integral Health

Integral Health

(Article published in Sheel Shrutam, January,2009)

Dr. Bhalendu Vaishnav

Attainment and maintenance of a positive state of health has been one of the prime concerns of mankind since time immemorial. Yet this has been only partially achieved since the man's approach to health has always partial. The concept of health is so wide that neither single health science nor even a combination of all has provided an integral view of health.

The human behavior in the post modernization era is characterized by a shift from maximum economic development to maximum subjective well being. This global trend augurs well for leading the man to the ideal of human health by seeking balanced inner and outer states of being. This possibly may indeed be the hidden plan of the Conscious Power that charts the map of human evolution.

The health of an individual is the result of equilibrium between his milieu interior and milieu exterior. The milieu exterior can be controlled by drugs, hygiene, and environment. The role of external measures in achieving health is undeniable . The milieu interior of a human being is made up of true and false subjectivism- refined and unrefined desires, passions, greed and obscurity and in many cases forms the hidden source of outward diseases. It needs to be transformed by a progressive harmonization of our life around our central existence, called the psychic being, which is a spark of the Divine in every human being. The psychic being within us is the source of Delight, Peace and Happiness. It is very quiet and non-imposing in nature and usually gets buried in the hustle and bustle of our daily life.

A willed, sustained and conscious orientation helps in gradual emergence of the psychic being as the chief counsel of our personality which subsequently changes our perspective of life. It leads to true subjective fulfillment. It is commonly perceived that the subjective well being implies a non real and vague entity; but as a matter of fact the true subjectivity implies an inner realization which has not yet been exteriorized. A sustained psychic influence has transforming effect on the outer being thereby improving the objective fulfillment as well.

A growing state of harmony between one's milieu exterior and milieu interior in the light of one's psychic being forms the foundation of Integral Health.